When the number of dead gormandizers on the Huangpu River reached a many days agone I twittered, shocked by the lack of public roar in Shanghaiers Angry,” Shanghai, how numerous dead gormandizers should there be before road demurrers?

Can you give us one? Can you give the number?” Now that number has further than doubled, and people in Shanghai are still as cool as cucumbers.

I’m not the only one who’s surprised.” Why is not there a discussion about dead gormandizers? Severe pollution has touched off mass demurrers in small metropolises, but in Beijing and Shanghai,” a Chinese tweet from the US asked a day before history.

Till now there’s nothing but silence. Someone called for a mass walk-in in Shanghai, but it did not. Sure, government control is a factor, but small municipalities also have controls”(@liberty8964) he wanted to bandy.” Still, I am confused,” said a Chinese intelligencer in Canada.

The reason for the tighter controls? But we are talking drinking water!”(@liangyanr) There’s a kindly general agreement among China watchers that a massive rebellion will take place in China when the interests of the wider population are out and their lives will take a turning point for the worse.

Projected scripts include worsening affectation, a real estate collapse, environmental pollution, etc.

I have an analogous point of view, and so I’m shocked by the total passivity regarding the dead gormandizer incident in Shanghaiers Angry, which has garnered transnational captions and water quality, easily a public bone. health threat and that of 20 million residents. City Shanghai impresses everyone.

So I asked for an opinion on Twitter and via dispatch.”‘ inactivity’ is veritably common,” replied my whoreson Yufang, a systems biologist living in Chicago who went to graduate academy in Shanghai and worked there for several times.”

It would be extraordinary if the dead gormandizer incident led to massive road demonstrations.” He told me four reasons.

The Shanghai external government has taken measures to remove and dispose of the gormandizer cadavers. still, the public doubts the government’s claim. That’ water There’s no clear target to oppose the quality of’ innocent’ because after all, it isn’t the fault of the external government.

Twitter stoner@ahrism verified Youfang’s idea” I spoke to my nonage friend in Shanghai, who preliminarily worked at Shanghaiers Angry Media, and she said, indeed though everyone is feeling sick to the stomach, because It affects Shanghai and only a part of the megacity.

Why Aren’t Shanghaiers Angry? An Online Discussion

The government seems to be doing a good job of dealing with it, what are we up against?”

Is only a part of Shanghai affected? Exiled economist@HeQinglian, whom we restated before, and another Twitter stoner@shengzhaozhang point out that, in Shanghai, only 20 of drinking water is drawn from the Huangpu River and is located outside of Songjiang, Jinshan, Fengjiang, and Mixing. Is. Is. Is. inventories the cities.

The south side of Shanghai and the rest of the megacity receives water from the Yangtze River.

She also points out the difference between the struggle of an individual family whose property is being demolished, or for that count a vill similar to Wukan, and a larger metropolitan area.

In 1965 the American economist Mankur Olsen in his book The sense of Collaborative Action Public Goods and the proposition of Groups” The inactivity of the people of Shanghaiers Angry in the Dead Pig miracle can be explained with the’ sense of collaborative action’.” Everyone wants to ride with it rather than be a motorist.

While people in small metropolises can come together to protest pollution, and @fight suppression, I agree, that in large metropolitan areas it’s relatively delicate, if not outright insolvable, given that people living in big metropolises People are people who warrant connections.

Small municipalities live in a vill or community and without the ultramodern forms of association for which the party most fears and works hard, it’s unbelievable for residents of large metropolises like Shanghaiers Angry to take collaborative action.

” The alternate reason,” says my whoreson,” has to do with the timing of the incident. It happed over the course of two meetings. In similar sensitive times, media content on’ bad news’ is minimum and may not indeed tell the whole verity.

The government’s control over the media content of the incident is verified by an order( Chinese) issued by the party’s propaganda department, calling the two Shanghai media outlets Dongfang Daily and Dragon TV dead”. Have been asked to come.” It’s called” hyping”. was named. Pig incident on Huangpu River.

“In the intertwined political climate in landmass China,” Yufang wrote, making his third point, “people have little appetite to take it on the road when they are really sad. Trying to do Trying Incidents” Tries. Take strict, detailed controls;

Anything out of the ordinary gets the attention of the government, or the state security police. Several times before, a young lady in my neighborhood protested in People’s Square with all the signs that the object happened to her, and she has been under surveillance before.

Unless people want to face the government in critical situations by taking them out on the streets. Meanwhile, the people of Shanghai look forward to creating a plutocrat. People talk more about real estate and plutocrats when they are together, nothing different.

They actually go out of anger after expressing dissatisfaction with the government or system. Those who have the means would like to run away and leave the country.”

Radio Free Asia reported (Chinese) that Shanghai Minister Pang Ting posted questions to the Shanghai external government on Weibo, and his posts were consistently removed. On 14 March, he called for a mass walk on 23 March and after that post, his account was completely canceled.

The RFA also reported (Chinese) that a lawyer from Shanghai and a council student requested the outside government to independently publish water information at six water input points and nine water outlets, but we did not take any action on that. Follow-up news is not accepted.

“Ultimately,” Yufang wrote, “many may not really realize that dead Gormandizers floating down the Huangpu River are a big deal, and their argument follows that the Huangpu River is a lot, to begin with, For.

On the downside, god knows what stuff—sewage, artificial garbage, and what not—put into the swash, several thousand dead gourmandizers probably won’t make it much worse, and it’ll be gone after a while…”

“In China,” Yufang continues, “the public is misled in many of their views. For example, the Chinese public cries loudly about GMO foods but remains indifferent to the state and water pollution.

In this case In the U.S., excessive Chinese see only themselves and their own business, and very little for the interests of the larger population.

But once in a while, I have seen many good changes through social media, although people have a lot to do with it. The character has to change. It takes time, maybe several generations.

As I was finishing this post, a Twitter stoner (@wayinfinite) joined the discussion saying, “No bones”. Beats Shanghai to maintain influence. However, it would be more than just taking the people of Beijing on the road, so much so that it would change the regime if the people of Shanghai ever took to the street.

When the people of Shanghai can no longer stand it, it will mean there are no bones that Can currently tolerate it in China.”

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