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Who Is Stronger Superman Or Captain Marvel?


by Joan Romero


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Most comic book fans have the same question in their mind who is stronger superman or captain marvel?

Well after a little bit of research into the worlds of DC and Marvel, it is very easy to say after comparing their strength that despite Captain Marvel having her powers from the Tesseract, Superman is clearly the strongest!

Here, in this article, we will discuss about why and how superman is Stronger than Captain Marvel. Let’s explore a little more about the two most popular Superhero Universe. 

Who Is Captain Marvel Stronger Than?

Captain Marvel is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. She is stronger than most characters in Marvel. In the comics, as we all know Captain Marvel is a male character and there are many characters that Captain Marvel has defeated. 

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In the comics, the Hulk Buster armour that Tony Stark created to battle Hulk, tried to hit Captain Marvel once and it caused no harm.

The Hulk Buster is something prepared to defeat the Hulk, so it can be deduced that she is more powerful than the Hulk.

In the MCU, rather in Avengers: Endgame, Thanos tried to hit her and wasn’t able to move her an inch. He literally had to use the power stone to get her away from him.

Who Is Captain Marvel Stronger Than?

So, it can be easily deduced that Captain Marvel is stronger than most other characters. 

Who Is Stronger Superman Or Thanos?

Superman is definitely stronger than Thanos. Superman is a God and is rather undefeated by most DC characters.

Although he has never tried to throw a planet or moon by using an Infinity Stone gauntlet, rather it is mostly his pure raw strength that even allows him to move Universe, that will allow him. 

Who Is Stronger Than Superman In Marvel?

There are a lot of characters in Marvel Universe who can actually defeat Superman. Superman might be a God, but it doesn’t always need to be a God to defeat him. We will list a few characters who can defeat Superman-

  1. The Destroyer– The Destroyer is not a character, rather a weapon that Odin built and controlled. There are chances that if Odin decides the destroyer might be able to even defeat Superman. 
  2. The Hulk– The Hulk is one of Marvel’s strongest characters and is pure brute strength. And there are chances that The Hulk could easily defeat Superman with ease. 
  3. Blackbolt– We have seen Superman being beaten easily when Batman used super sonic sound to beat him in The Dark Knight comics. Therefore, it is easy for Blackbolt to defeat Superman with his super-voice. 
  4. Jean Gray/ The Dark Phoenix– Jean Gray’s effective power is telekinesis and Superman has a terrible disadvantage of being mind controlled very easily. So it might be a cake walk for Jean Gray to defeat Superman.
  5. Deadpool– We don’t know for sure as everything with Deadpool is possible. So there might be a chance that Deadpool can seriously kick Superman’s ass in one way or the other. As we have instances where Deadpool literally killed all the characters of Marvel Universe with the powers of Death.
  6. Dormamu– We all know about Dormamu’s power and magic and his control of the dark dimension. Superman’s biggest weakness apart from Kryptonite is magic and Dormamu is the all-powerful entity of Dark magic and is therefore incapable of beating Superman quite conveniently.
  7. The Sentry– The Sentry is a comparatively new character introduced in the Marvel Universe. The Sentry in terms of physical strength, is the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe and has powers similar to Superman and can easily defeat him.
  8. The Beyonder– The Beyonder is all-powerful and is hence capable of defeating Superman. The Beyonder once kidnapped many Marvel heroes and made them fight.
  9. Galactus– Galactus is a whole Universe and is literally an entity in Marvel. He wields cosmic power which Superman is incapable of beating. Galactus gave power to the Silver Surfer and he is also capable enough of defeating Superman. 

Which Hero Is Stronger Than Captain Marvel?

We have already discussed that Captain Marvel is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. However, Hyperion is much better than Captain Marvel and can even defeat her in certain situations. 

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Who Is Stronger Superman Or Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel can get really ambitious at times which can lead to her defeat in certain situations. At some points, Captain Marvel might seem undefeated however with the correct characters and correct situations with powerful weapons, Captain Marvel can be defeated too. 

Despite being powered by the space stone Superman can still beat her. 

Is Captain Marvel Stronger Than Vision?

Well, the answer to the question is highly debated as both characters get their powers from two major Infinity Stones. Vison gets his powers from the mind stone, whereas Captain Marvel gets her powers from the Space stone. 

In her Binary class, she is capable of lifting and pressing 100 tons of materials, whereas Vision can press and lift about a capacity of 50 tons.

However, there might be an extraordinary situation or multiple extraordinary situations where Vision might prove to be stronger than Captain Marvel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is stronger Captain America or Superman?

Captain America is one of Marvel’s most popular and powerful superheroes and can easily give a tough fight to many biggies in both DC and Marvel Universe.

Most importantly Captain America is a super soldier who has his shield and is even capable of wielding Thor’s Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, the two most powerful weapons in the Universe. 

However, above all Superman is a God and even Captain America is no match for his power and strength. It will be piece of cake for Superman to use his lightning speed to disarm Cap and beat his ass. 

So based on their strength and fighting skills Captain can definitely put up a strong fight against him, but it won’t be of much success.

2. Who is stronger Superman vs Thanos?

In a fight between Superman vs Thanos, there are most sure chances that Superman will definitely win the fight without much effort. Although, there is no way or chance to say that Thanos is a weak opponent. 

We have seen the most powerful superheroes of MCU attack Thanos and get beaten up by him very easily. So despite being a weaker enemy as compared to Superman, Thanos is a very powerful super-villain, although, beating up Superman is never an easy job.  

3. Who can defeat Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel can be defeated by a few characters in the Marvel. We have already discussed a list of characters who can defeat her in this article. Apart from that, Thanos can even beat her with his Infinity Gauntlet and using the other Infinity Stones. 

Hyperion is also capable of defeating Captain Marvel and many other characters are capable of defeating her with ease. 

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