Which Marvel Villain Are You Test?


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If I had to choose a Marvel villain I’d like to be, I’d choose to be Ultron. A result of Tony Stark’s toying around with things he doesn’t understand, Ultron was a necessary evil.

He was the only one capable of stopping Thanos from removing half the population from existence.

This could happen in two ways— either he destroys the entire universe or he kills Thanos before he even points his fingers towards earth.

Now both these choices require six things—the six infinity stones, which Ultron was far more capable of collecting before Thanos.

To sum it up, Ultron was a constantly evolving being, calculated and was able to see the bigger picture. If he comes around something that has any potential for him to evolve further, he will take it at any cost.

Which Marvel Villain Are You Test?

He was constantly driven by the hunger of making himself the one and only. Ultron had the potential to conquer the Omniverse.

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Which Is The Most Popular Marvel Villain?

If popularity is measured as of how many people know about it, then it’s definitely Thanos.

While comic nerds have far more superior, powerful and followed supervillains like Galactus and Doctor Doom, the cinematic universe surely introduced Thanos as the villain of an era.

Undoubtedly Marvel’s going to introduce more villains in its later phases, but as of now Thanos can be taken as the most popular villain, cause, non-marvel fans can also be seen relating.

To the pros and cons of Thanos’ not-so- godly “God-ish” plan to balance the universe by removing half the population of all living species.

Thanos was already an infamous villain known as the mad titan whose ancestry is celestial and whose entire life was a quest of collecting all the six infinity stones, but what made him more dreadful is his determination.

Which Is The Most Popular Marvel Villain?

This could be easily and distinctively pointed out with the fact that he sacrificed his most beloved daughter Gamora with tears in his eyes in order to get the soul stone, and later quoted “The hardest choices require the strongest wills…” HE IS COLD! But not shrewd.

His theory has an entire fan following, which can also be seen with all the memes that rolled out humorously stating “Thanos was right”. In fact, he addresses an important and need of the hour issue in the entire phase 1 of MCU, overpopulation.

Growing up he sighted terrible discrimination, inequality and scarcity of resources made available to people in Titan. Since this can be related to our modern-day problem in the real world, the larger audience can empathize with the emotion Thanos carries throughout the infinity saga.

Thanos’ gauntlet was yet another famous collectible that made its way to the real world. Made by Etri the dwarf of Nidavellir, the gauntlet can hold, absorb and channelize the power of the infinity stones with just a snap of the fingers. It became a symbol of the infinity saga and one of the top selling collectibles of MCU.

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Although, the gauntlet in the story became, like not-so-rare an item, as Tony Stark was able to build a similar tech on earth that can also summon the power of the infinity stones with a snap, which also assures us that there’s no need to stress out, cause for every INEVITABLE Thanos, there’s an IRONMAN whom we love 3000.

Which Marvel Characters Are Evil?

Which Marvel Characters Are Evil?

Good and bad are the two sides of the same coin and the MCU just dishes it out like a fine cuisine. Almost every character in the MCU has an alter ego, in the multiverse, who’s evil.

Evil lurks inside each one of us every second and it’s about what we do rather than who we are that makes us Good or Evil.

Let’s take Doctor Strange aka Stephen Strange as an example, a gifted doctor on his way to become the sorcerer supreme, whose fate is in and with the mystic arts.

His beloved Christine Palmer is an absolute point in time! Pivoting this point Strange’s character leaps vividly, as one may agree if they watched the MCU’s one-of-a-kind series What If? As if Strange is cursed to lose her over and over again.

That’s when Strange challenged himself to bring back Christine at any cost and desperate times lead him to take desperate measures and we got the evilest version of Stephen, Strange Supreme, in whose universe, due to him drawing powers from the Darkhold, “Things just got a little out of hand…” if you know what I mean.

In What If? we can see a universe where Ultron made himself an evolved body to contain and harness his consciousness, yes, the same body which was supposed to be of Vision’s in this universe,

Killing the entire human race and the Avengers in a jiffy and set out to conquer the multiverse, in course of which picked a fight with the Watcher himself and made the Watcher flee to Strange Supreme for help.

So, I guess one can imagine how overpowered an entity he is! (That’s why I always say this AI age is gonna take over us someday dude! What if Skynet’s real? What if AI transcends humans? Panic attack! Panic attack!).

But to mention an amphibian of both the teams, I have to mention Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch! Wanda can be both divine and evil by herself.

Which Marvel Characters Are Evil?

The only person that can make her transit from these states is herself! That’s also evident in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, MCU’s box office hit of May 2022, where, spoiler alert, in conclusion it took, here it comes, Wanda from another universe, both of which were nothing but a manifestation of the Wanda in this universe to make the Scarlett Witch sober. Phew!

As I said earlier, good and bad are two faces of a coin, and this was Marvel’s way of showing self realization is the key to making the thin line between good and bad much thicker…

How Many Marvel Bad Guys Are There?

Up till now, a total of thirty (30) so-called bad guys have been shown in the MCU in a span of twenty-one (21) movies, while the numbers are much higher in the comic universe.

Literally we can’t name all of them in here, it’s quite the task, but to name a few— Red Skull, Ivan Venko, Aldrich Killian, Killmonger, all those black suited, octopus’ worshipers and jumping around guys of Hydra.

In SHIELD’s disguise (by the way don’t get stuck with those guys in an elevator and if you do here’s the cheat code to come out alive, type Hail Hydra *winks*), The Vulture and the list goes on.

The reason for this sheer number is Marvel’s multiverse and the way it shows every character’s point of view and places the audience in the jury to pass the verdict on who’s right and who’s wrong.

Clearly Marvel’s idea of bad guys is quite sophisticated. For instance, what would you say about the celestials who apparently destroy planets and entire life in them just to take rebirth?

The fact that it’s wrong can be argumentative. While the destruction seems morally wrong, it’s necessary to keep the universe in balance, to maintain the cycle of destruction and creation.

If the seeds of celestials aren’t planted on the planets then they won’t be there to create.

While the Eternals, an MCU movie, much controversial among the fans about its success and impact on phase 4 of the cinematic universe, shows journey of civilizations on planets.

Aided by the so-called Eternals who were created by the Celestials to make civilizations progress and also to kill deviants, it also portrays the complex and dark truth of the celestials too.

According to a fan point of view, there are no bad guys in Eternals if we look at the big picture, it’s just controversies about who’s right and who’s wrong.

Who Is The Strongest Marvel Villain Of All Time?

That’s the most contested topic about whom to consider the God of all supervillains. The context of the villain varies in each film.

The Avengers movie shows Loki as the lead villain trying to subjugate earth with his Chittauri, whereas in Avengers—Infinity War, Loki died trying to kill Thanos and protecting Asgard.

But there are some characters of MCU that are evil all along, and can be counted as supervillains. To put it simply, Marvel still hasn’t introduced its most lethal or strongest supervillain on screen.

Though speaking from the comic universe, there are a ton of villains that make the cut.

1. Hella: Odin’s first born and the Goddess of Death, lives only to conquer the nine realms, and making people kneel before her from time to time, quite an urge I have to say.

Thor has to draw a part of Odinforce from his father Odin, just to hit her with the most lethal thunderbolt, which apparently was of no good. 

2. Surtur: The king of the kingdom of fire demons, Surtur possesses the power of the eternal flame and wishes to destroy Asgard, it’s like his entire life was an unquenched thirst.

He didn’t have to use his powers to stop Hella, it was just his sword that did the trick, so just imagine his powers.

3. Ego: The only Celestial who’s also a planet. He’s basically as his name suggests, ego. That dude is so much about himself that he wishes to build an entire universe of his own.

Dude literally called himself God! Ego’s powers are vast, with the right power bearer like Peter Quill, his own son, he could control the entire universe. Not only this, Ego can create entire universes too.

4. Dormamu: Let’s talk about the big boys now. Dormamu is the master of the Dark Dimension for whom space, time and reality are nothing but toys to play with.

Dormamu devours realities and universes once someone performs the forbidden ritual written in the book of Cagliostro, as seen on the first Doctor Strange film performed by Kaecillius, a former student of Kamar Taj.

The fact that once you perform this and Dormamu can have your mind, body and soul for all eternity is freaky in itself, let alone bending reality. Dormamu can create the past, present and future along with entire realities.

5. Gallactus: The only villain who is driven by his survival rather than desire. He destroys planets only to quench his hunger, he doesn’t desire to destroy them for a reason.

And speaking about abilities, Gallactus can manipulate space and time and create force fields that shields him from any attacks making him invincible among other things which given a being like him can obviously do and/or is capable of doing.

6. The Beyonder: Virtually he can be referred to as the most powerful villain of MCU. As his name suggests, he is from the beyond, beyond everything our imagination is even capable of going.

He can wrap energy, particles, force fields at a cosmic level, and doing these things are not even that big a matter to him. He repelled Galactus like a bug, so it’s imaginable how powerful he can be.

Although he presents himself, whenever necessary, as a life size entity, his true form is unknown, if that doesn’t make him the strongest then what does?

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Which Marvel Villain Has Most Kills?

Doom savouring the uber-mass murders is a very notorious act in itself. He once used the Ultimate Nullifier to lay waste to an alternate universe, and he wiped out untold numbers of universes in one fell swoop, while crowning himself God Emperor.

His own justifications for this act are morally murky, but there’s no denying the unrivaled body count.

While it’s quite obvious to hail Thanos as the mass murderer, Dr Von Doom quietly grabs away the title of being Marvel’s top killer.

Who Is Marvel’s Next Dreaded Villain ?

The MCU phase 5 would surely introduce Kang The Conqueror as its next dreaded villain. I mean it’s evident, while everyone was looking for the infinity stones, they have been lying in the drawers of the TVA, created by Kang, and used as paperweights. That was just a slight nudge Marvel gave us in Loki.

Kang has his variants who are all dead and the one and only Kang who remains throughout the infinite timelines is He Who Remains, quite literal.

How much more power do you need when you just live in a giant mansion, literally situated at the end of Time and you know what happens in each and every timeline and to the timeline itself?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the worst Marvel villain?

The worst Marvel Villain would be Doctor Doom. There is no sympathy with this guy. Hell no! Who is the No 1 villain in the MCU?

The No. 1 villain in the MCU title is controversial, but if you go instinctively, it would be Thanos. Cause evil is not how strong you are, it’s about how you use that strength and how evil and determined you are towards your goal.

2. How many Marvel villains are there?

There are a total of approximately 754 Marvel villains (According to the Marvel Comic Universe).

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