Moment and hereafter we bring you two papers about the case of a youthful man named Song Ze. He was a levy inDr. Xu Xiong’s Open Constitution Initiative, an NGO devoted to furnishing legal aid to people with disabilities in China.

At SRIC we aren’t in a position to completely report numerous cases like Song Zi, but what we can do, and are trying to do then, is to portray a case well so that it shines in the light.

Come and give sapience. About black incarcerations in China, which this composition explains veritably well, you might also want to check out Melissa Chan’s report, in which she was allegedly expelled from China. Hannah is the translator of the following extract. Xu. – Yaxue

Around noon on 4 May 2012, Song Zi entered a call in which the frequenter said that someone was being held in” black captivity”(illegal captivity substantially used to detain pleaders). is done). goes). For those who are citizens of Beijing.

To file a complaint about his original government,) he hoped for help and asked Song Zi to meet him in the lobby of Beijing South Railway Station at 2 p.m. As always, Song Ze didn’t vacillate to respond.

As Song Zi awaited for the designated escalator, an unanticipated thing happed- her phone suddenly lost its signal. But still, he waited patiently. Ten twinkles latterly the signal came back and suddenly several people came with him, who forcefully took him down.

A day latterly, he’s seen by a supplicant in the basement of the Yu Amen( 右安门) police station. further, than ten days after Song Zi’s exposure, counsel Liang Xiaojun( 梁小军) eventually managed to meet her at the detention center in Fengtai District. Song Zi was formerly detained as a felonious suspect at the time, having been charged with” inciting uneasiness”.

What had Song Zi done?

Song Zi’s original name is Song Guangqiang, born in 1985 in a mountainous vill in Jiangyang of Hubei Province. He graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in 2010, majoring in transnational politics, and also majoring in finance.

He has a binary degree in Law and Economics. After graduating from the council he worked in a foreign capital adventure, but he couldn’t leave the ideals in his heart. In October 2011, he wrote me a lengthy letter about his experience and dreams of growing up, hoping to join the platoon of the Open Constitution Initiative.

Song Zi gives people the first print that he’s reticent and shy, but deep down he’s a passionate romanticist. He does not watch how important a plutocrat he earns, and how hard he has to work; He only cares about the impact his conduct will have on society.

As it turned out, the pleaders’ deliverance program demanded force, and so Song Zi’s responsibility was to communicate levy saviors, buy new, or collect bestowed apparel and robes, distribute apparel, and give exigency backing to sick people was to be handed was During all downtime, Song Zi had more or less no Sundays and no leaves, the ghetto near Beijing South Railway Station, busy with levies in the underground lair and other places where poor pleaders gathered.

For several cold, brutal windy nights, he checked the ground coverts one by one to make sure the new pleaders had cotton-padded robes.

In China, indeed if it’s only pure aid to the indigent, philanthropic sweats face enormous pressure due to the unique identity of deliverance workers on the one hand and the social morals of deliverance workers on the other.

The levies who were distributing rice dumplings to the leaders on the night of the Lantern Festival( lunar 15 January) were forcefully stopped by the police. Volunteer Yuan Wenhua was taken down, Song Zi was also taken down when he asked the bobbies to show his ID. The rest of us waited outside the police station till he was released.

As downtime passed and people no longer had to worry about death from a cold wave, Song Zi turned to furnish exigency medical aid and visiting” black incarcerations”.

Black incarcerations are places where original governments immorally detain petitioners. However, Wangfujing Street or other places where they shouldn’t supplicate, they may be taken to the police, If pleaders try to go to the Prime Minister’s home or foreign delegacies near Dongjiaominxiang.

During the so-called sensitive times of the two meetings each time, they can be set up by passing through Chang’ a road and carrying solicitation accouterments.

Young Chinese Volunteer, by Xu Zhiyong

All of these are labeled as” irregular pleas” and the pleaders who are rounded up are transferred to Jiu Jing Zhuang, a detention and expatriation center operated by the State Bureau of Letters and Calls..,, Jiu Jing Zhuang will order the Beijing services of original governments to deliver the pleaders to their Opel.

Those running black incarcerations are people who have links with officers from the State Bureau of Letters and Calls or the Beijing services of original governments.

They rent hostel basements, hire goons, take the pleaders down from Jiu Jing Zhuang, immorally detain them, and also ask original governments to pick up the pleaders and stay subsequently. it’s said. might. Order to pay figure. They get 80 to 200 RMB per day per supplicant.

Black captivity atrocities reach their peak every time during two meetings( the National People’s Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference). At the dusk of two meetings this time, Song Zi vindicated 49 black captivity locales and transferred a chart of Beijing’s black incarcerations.

On 5 March, 80- time-old supplicant Hu Yufu was thrown into black captivity. He fell ill on the 7th while soliciting treatment. To this, the Secretary of the Committee on Politics and Law said,” The leaders can not be included! If he’s ill, let him find out what to do.”

He was ultimately transferred to the exigency room on the 12th and failed on the morning of the 13th. Song Zhe helped his son make the party clerk, the mayor, and other Xinjiang officers. megacity( in Henan fiefdom) for immorally detaining his father.

Since September 2008, levies from our association have visited and witnessed black incarcerations, exposed this crime to the public, and saved the leaders. Over time, the situation in black incarcerations has bettered, and upon entering reports, the police have taken more action to probe them.

But black incarcerations still live in large figures. Visiting black incarcerations and trying to free captured is an illustration of justifying a citizen’s will and courage, but Song Zi was locked in this contrary country for the same reason.

Why was Song Zi taken into guardianship?

On January 11 this time, Zhao Zhenjiang( 赵振甲), Song Zi, and others entered a critical textbook communication from Hunan petitioner Yu Hong asking for help. He endured the Beijing cold wave for four hours and eventually discovered the exact position of the Black Captivity in Chenzhou( Hunan Province). latterly they came in contact with further than ten intelligencers and levies and together they went on a deliverance operation.

On the morning of January 13, Zhao Zhenjiang, Peng Zhonglin, Guan Weishuang, Song Zi, and others, ten people in total, came to the Kali captivity. Picturing the process, they broke into the room and saved three elders who sought help.

They were Yu Hong, 73, Chen Bixiang, 57, and Long Jiangbao, 82. One of them was formerly detained for further than 40 days. The living conditions there were terrible there was no heat, and each person had only a thin mask. They were also not handed enough food, frequently just one packet of ramen polls per person per day.

Only many guards were on duty at that time, and before they could understand what was passing, the pleaders had formerly been saved. But soon the police arrived. rather than chastising the real culprits, they tried to catch down these valorous mercenary levies.

On arguing with the police, they were suitable to companion the three leaders to the machine while some guards were chasing them in the machine.

When I reached the spot beforehand that day, the saviors got into the machine and left. I told Song Ji( over the phone) that I was staying for him near the OCI office on East Third Ring Road. They got off the machine from the Black Captivity with four guards.

I stopped a hack, Song Zhe and the three pleaders incontinently came in, and I closed the door to stop the guard. The hack made a circle and took Song Zi and the three leaders to the OCI office. He bought them food and took them to a near long-distance machine station with enough plutocrat to go home.

This deliverance charge led to Song Zi’s arrest, with charges of” disturbing disturbance” and” dismembering public order”. Before Song Zi, 60- time-old Zhao Zhenjiang had formerly been given one and a half times of reform- at- labor, a form of imprisonment, for sharing in the same program. Of course, Song Zi could have been redressed for some other reason.

Several days before his arrest in early May, he did a commodity that rankled the authorities he took a hack to Shandong, picked up the woman of Chen Kegui( whoreson of the eyeless counsel Chen Guangcheng), took her to Beijing.. and hid it. I am sorry I transferred him to do this- he took too important a threat.

Song Zi’s case was handled directly by the Beijing Public Security Bureau. Lawyer Liang Xiaojun made several visits to the detention center before eventually being allowed a meeting with Song Zhe. On January 13, piecemeal from the deliverance, he was asked how he met me and what he did in OCI.

When we were doomed to 37 days, we Again, Song Zi didn’t break free. Now it’s so absurd that the allegations against Song Ji are so absurd to show the world. The execution has not issued permission for arrest, but PSB doesn’t want to let him go. Now they’ve kept him under observation.

Being under surveillance is more redoubtable than imprisonment. As per the new Criminal Procedure Act, the authority can specify the place for surveillance, but it’ll inform their cousins. But being in China, Song Zi’s family has not entered any information.

He can still visit his counsel when detained in a detention center, but it has been further than 40 days since he’s been under domestic surveillance and no bone has been suitable to see Song Zi, And PSB has declined to answer any questions about his whereabouts.

In our time, Song Zi is slightly romantic. As he wrote in his letter to me,” I tried to force myself to just live my life, but I set up it relatively delicate to do so. However, If no bone does’ Do not give a hand, I will get hurt latterly, If I see someone on the side of the road in need of help. However, do not do anything about it, I feel ashamed, If I see a commodity unhappy around me.


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