On March 28, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice regarding the Department of Labor in enforcing the” Plan of Institutional Reform and Work Change of the State Council” Who’ll be in charge of the schedule for enforcing the information network real name Mo Zhixu enrollment system, inter alia( to be completed with the” Ministry of Industry and Information.

Technology and the State Internet Information Office, Ministry of Public Security”); and to set up a unified credit information platform and a unified social credit rendering system grounded on citizens’ identification figures( perpetration will start in 2015 and will be completed in 2017).

Many people will realize the connection between the two, and some will suppose, as I do, that the gradational perpetration of an online real-name system, a unified credit information platform, and a unified social credit law will mark the appearance of a. unknown information despotism.

Attempts to apply an online real-name system are nothing new. In the mid-1990s, when the state was drafting rules on domestic access to the Internet, the Ministry of Public Security wanted each computer to have a fixed, singular IP to pierce the Internet.

It was a variant of a real name system as information similar to a unique address and identification must be handed in order to apply for access. But for specialized reasons, similar to a limited number of IVP4 addresses, the Ministry of Information Industry at the time opposed that demand.

According to a government source who met directly at the time, arguments between the two ministries went to the also-top Chinese leader, who decided to resolve the issue with a simpler approach, maybe by accelerating China’s entry into the WTO., Gave. to bring.

The attempt at the real-name Mo Zhixu system was also scrapped, but you can see that the attempt to control the Internet was on the mind of the Chinese government from the launch.

The Coming Information Totalitarianism in China, by Mo Zhixu

As internet operation skyrockets, the government has also come more conservative. The ignominious GFW is getting more able than ever and the” walls” are being erected advanced and advanced. But thanks to the significance of the Internet, enthusiastic druggies have always set up ways to measure walls and hide their marks under the eyes of government scrutiny.

The mass surveillance and internees during the missing Jasmine Revolution in the spring of 2011 were the results of a worrying sense of the government’s capacity for largely covert, cross-border information inflow and rallying.

Likewise, with the emergence of Weibo and other social media platforms, the government is concerned about the fact that unforeseen incidents can spread and escalate incontinently, and potentially lead to chain responses.

Also, the government is less tolerant of the adding number of workers. As a result, the Internet real-name system is getting necessary.

The real name system has two purposes. There’s a nipping effect, and it works great on average netizens but not so much on workers.

The alternate and main idea is to be suitable to trace activists and exclude them from certain information/ opinion platforms, just as opinions of intellectualists displeased with traditional media are fully wiped out.

The online real-name system has been enforced for some time now and the results are lower than remarkable. Mo Zhixu A casual online hunt may yield a string of ID figures that you can use to register accounts online.

Because of this, numerous people know veritably little about the forthcoming Internet Real Name Grade System.

The internet real-name system that we will soon have will leave no caching place for anyone, and all workers will be like fish in a net when this system is integrated with a unified credit information platform and a unified social credit. operation

First, after using the real-name system in website confidentially operation, where an ID card corresponds to an ID number, as Alipay does, the ID number taken online will soon be used constantly.. and would be useless.

Second, with respect to workers using ID figures of cousins and musketeers, if traditional preventative measures don’t work, the government may resort to linking ID cards with matters of particular interest and control over services related to social credit canons. can. can do. What can we do?

I can take similar that cousins and musketeers will neither dare nor dare to give their ID number to anyone differently.

To establish” an intertwined credit information platform with successional input of information regarding finance, marketable enrollment, duty payment, social security donation, business violations, and other credit information” and” an intertwined social credit rendering system grounded on identification number”.

Next, particular credit information must inescapably include information about Internet use. therefore, the Internet real-name system would be linked to one’s social credit law and indeed to the social weal system. From there, it isn’t unbelievable for the government to use the Integrated Credit Code as a unique online ID law.

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