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From what we know and have learned, we believe that Yuan Dong, Ding Jiaxi, Zhao Changqing, and seven others who demanded public exposure of the officers’ particular means are innocent. In recent days, still, Chinese authorities have blazoned a race of ten formal apprehensions. We’re surprised to say

A particular expression of ten citizens isn’t a felonious offense On March 31, 2013, Yuan Dong, Zhang Baocheng, Ma Xinli, Hou Xin, and two others hoisted banners in town Beijing’s Jidan Plaza, calling on officers to intimately expose their particular means.

Ten or so twinkles latterly, they were taken to the police, and latterly, four of them were criminally detained on charges of” illegal assembly.” express their views or bournes .” Assembly differs from the average spirit in that the assembly must have collaborative expression through the assembly of a certain number of people.

For illustration, Hong Kong’s Public Order Ordinance stipulates that a notice of intent is needed for the collaborative expression of views by further than 50 people. That day, only four people were holding banners while Yuan Dong was giving a speech.

Others present at the scene were observers, not actors of any systematized event. The five were expressing their individual views by exercising their right to” condemn and make suggestions as to any organ or office deliverer of any State” conferred by Composition 35 and Composition 41 of the Constitution.

Their action doesn’t fairly constitute an assembly, and there was no similar thing as” defiance to an order of redundancy There are rudiments of the offense of illegal assembly. felonious law.

Ding Jiaxi, Zhao Changqing, Sun Hanhui, Wang Yonghong, Li Wei, and Qi Yuying didn’t appear at Zidan’s scene on March 31, and none of the ten people arrested by authorities for championing exposure of means. Was there a person- in charge of the incident or directly responsible for it?

Some of them had also expressed their particular views away in Beijing, but again, none” defied the redundancy order” or” seriously undermine the social order”, a felonious offense.

The rudiments who did this were neither stopped nor penalized. Public Safety Officer. Their conduct can not conceivably constitute an offense of illegal assembly or” incitement and disturbance”.

The call of ten lawyers for exposure of means by the authorities also reflects the universal norm and will of the people Fighting corruption is the responsibility of every government. Mr. Xi Jinping has also pledged to” shut down power in the pen of regulation”.

Citizen’s Statement Regarding The Arrest of Ten Advocates for Demanding Disclosure of Officials’ Assets

Although the Chinese government has been talking about fighting corruption every time and has actually penalized numerous loose officers, corruption is on the rise further than ever.

Everyone believes that corruption is the deadly cancer of contemporary China. The root of the problem is the lack of a system able of probing it. Public exposure of particular means of officers is an effective anti-corruption medium, and 137 countries and homes around the world have established or enforced asset exposure programs.

Out of their sense of responsibility as citizens, ten lawyers called for exposure of means by the authorities. In March they bandied drafting an offer for applicable laws, hoping to promote the establishment of a medium in an incremental manner.

Unfortunately, rather than accepting his suggestions, the government put him in jail. On one hand, it’s the oppression of healthy rudiments who work to make a cultivated society, and on the other, it defames that-corruption pledges made by top Chinese leaders.

We thus make the following appeal We appeal to the Chinese authorities first of all Please amend this mistake by esteeming the rule of law in this matter, fete the innocence of ten people and return their freedom through proper legal procedures and give them the necessary compensation.

Mr. Xi Jinping formerly pledged to” do justice to every individual case” and we stand by his point of view. We’ll look at every detail in the development of this case relating to the ten people arrested by the authorities for championing the exposure of means, to see if the pledge was made in good faith. also, we will decide whether we can give any respect to the officers concerned.

We, therefore, prompt that E Applicable Authority The trial of ten citizens should be free, public, unprejudiced and the bar should meet all the conditions of justice.
We also appeal to the public Please pay attention to the case of ten citizens. Rights don’t live for everyone or for anyone.

Violation of the rights of a citizen is a violation of the rights of every citizen; Those whose rights have been tromped on aren’t far from us, and their fate is nearly related to our own fortune.

Eventually, we must appeal to both Chinese and foreign media please fulfill your obligation as intelligencers, drone heft on the case of ten citizens, ask questions about every detail and every process, and without fear. Report the verity.

We unfeignedly promise We stand with Yuan Dong, Ding Jiaxi, Zhao Changqing, and the rest ten citizens to contend with the exposure of means by the authorities.

At the same time, we will maintain our aspiration to be real citizens, and we will start transubstantiating our country and society by transubstantiating ourselves for the better. No matter how numerous difficulties we face, we won’t give up.

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