As I said in a former post, I was on Twitter this autumn( Eastern Time, April 26, Thursday) at about 130 PM( Chinese time, April 27, Friday at 130)., stating that Chen Guangcheng’s whoreson, the son of his eldest family Chen Guang broke into their house and picked a group of goons.

And he’d called the police to surrender and he was now staying for the police to come out of the vill. A cell phone number was handed by the tweet.

I called and did not really anticipate finding him. But I did! His name is Chen Kegui. In torture, speaking, and crying, Kegui told me what had happened. Beforehand in the morning( April 26, Thursday), a lot of vehicles( not police vehicles, he said, at least not marked as police vehicles) and plainclothes guards descended on the vill.

His mama ( Ren Zongju, GCC’s family-in-law) overhears the guard on the phone saying that CGC has faded and only Weijing is at home.

The townies, including the family members of GCC living in the vill, didn’t know what had happened. The following is a restatement of the paraphrase of my telephone discussion with Chen Kegui. Part chains in italics are

This morning my mama said,” I heard her say in a low voice,’ Guangcheng faded, only Weijing was at home.'” These were her own words.

latterly, when I was on my way to visit my father-in-law, I saw several police vehicles, and I allowed to myself that perhaps it was all true. While working throughout the day, my attention wandered, I felt that commodity was going to be. And it did tonight.

About two hours agone near night, they broke into our house by jumping over the broken walls of our property, opening the cinches and remonstrating the doors.

I heard my mama crying outside( preliminarily Kegui told me that he lives on the same property with his parents but in conterminous diggings), helplessly,” Please do not come in! Please do not come in!”

I saw him incontinently. I went out; When I did, I took two kitchen shanks
with me for tone defense. also, I heard Zhang Jian say,” Look! He has two kitchen shanks! snare him!”

So he started taking shanks from me. He’d not leave. I was not the bone
who went ahead, and that is what they tried to come up with to pick me up. Other than Zhang Jian, I did not know who he was. He did not show any paper. When he spoke these words and tried to hold me, I started smelling.

As I did, my mama called out,” Don’t! Don’t! The baby has a high fever! Accelerate. Call 110!” By the time they girdled me, a man had hit me on the head several times with a thick rustic club.

I had no choice but to cut it with a cutter. I broke the club — obviously, it was not strong enough. When they saw that I wasn’t hysterical, they fled. I ran to look for them, but couldn’t find any of them.

stewing that they might catch me, unnecessarily beaten to death, I ran down from home. At a place where I could be safe for a while, I called the police and surrendered. I called 120, soliciting them to come to save my child( who is sick). So then I am, staying for the police to come.

Chen Guangcheng is innocent. But forcefully charged.( crying) My father is getting old, can not walk, and where did they take him?( crying) I feel helpless. I hope everyone can be equal before the law.( roar)

Me Kegui, what do you want to ask your eventuality attorneys? Say what you want to say, and I will record it.

I’m online frequently. I read that the vice-Dean of the University of Politics and Law, his name is He caddy was indeed blocked( by Weibo for supporting Chen Guangcheng). I’ve no faith in the law at all. I do not know what will be the result.

I hope attorneys will defend me with reason and justice. I was defending myself; I did not go out to kill anyone. They entered my house and created a melee. I hope attorneys will defend me by logic. I hope everyone is equal before the law.

Me Anything differently?

This would be my want.

I hope the law will cover me. Now I’m I didn’t take a cutter to go out to kill someone. I was defending myself in my own house. They tried to catch me without showing a leave.

still, I hope someone will help take care of my father, and my mama, If I’m doomed to death.( crying) I have not been a good son to my parents. I haven’t been a good hubby to my woman

Or, China won’t have a good prospect.

Me Kegui, how old are you?

I’m 32, 33. My beast sign is a scapegoat.

Me How old is your pater

My pater
is 54. He was born in a rooster time.

Me When was the last time you saw Guangcheng?

To be accurate, we spent the Chinese New Year together in early 2011. At that time, maybe the government wanted …. for whatever reason, I can not tell, they allowed all of us to go back for the New Year. But this time they would not let us, no matter what.

Me This was the New Year before last, right?

Right. Just my family. On New Year’s Day, they allowed the townies to visit Guangcheng. also, afternoon, the townies weren’t allowed presently. Also, nothing has seen him.

When one of Guangcheng’s sisters failed before this time, Guangcheng forced his way out of the house, and I caught his regard of him. But ten or twenty people, led by Zhang Jian, blocked the exit of the vill, and no bone
could pass through.

Two scholars from the vill took photos of the scene, but the goons snared their cell phones and took down everything. He said,’ Don’t spoil your future by doing this. that is what he said.

Me There have been a lot of rumors recently about Guangcheng’s deteriorating health. Have you heard anything while living in the same vill?
I do not know that no one can get close to Guangcheng. nothing. Chen Guangcheng noway leaves his home. Lakhs of people sitting in his yard are watching him.

Me Your grandmother, or Guangcheng’s mama, are they allowed to come out? She can not indeed come out?

I have not seen my grandmother in a long time. I am working in the city where the county seat is where I( inaudible) lived for a short time. It’s sad to be back, so I put it off.

My heart hurts seeing those people. I do not know what hereafter will bring. I do not know how this will each end. Chen Guangcheng’s case is fully illegal. ( undecipherable) China, is this the land of the law?

Me Kegui, do not give up. numerous people are trying. Thousands gathered to save Guangcheng.

I feel disappointed because it has been numerous times, not just a day or two. From’ 05. Of course, some progress has been made and I can see it. I can watch it online. So numerous people, complete nonnatives to Chen Guangcheng, were severely beaten for his sake.

As a friend of mine said, what he did hurts our hearts We were veritably close to him, but we couldn’t help him by going upstairs. We could not do anything for them and we left them to lose. Looks like my favored bones have been beaten up. I’ve called the police about an hour agone I’m out in the open now.

The police still have not arrived. A while back I saw some burning enchantresses, but they faded.

I want to ask does China still have the law?

My grandmother is over eighty times old. So numerous people were guarding her every day, and she had to travel a long way to buy vegetables. Now I feel that perhaps he shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.

Still, arrest him or hang him according to the law, If Chen Guangcheng is shamefaced. But they don’t arrest him. They do not execute it. They do this to him. My young kinsman Casey is on alert to go to the academy and go home.

What has Guangcheng’s family done wrong? I do not know what kind of society this is,( cries, read). I can not see the police temptress. I do not know if the police are coming or not. perhaps they’ll shoot a gun to kill me. They will charge me of murder. It’s all possible.

Me No, they wouldn’t dare!

I believe they will dare. I’m sure they will. However, they will find me veritably snappily, If they’ve tykes. I do not need to hide. However, I’ll walk to them, If I see police buses.

Still, I feel veritably sorry for my family, If the goods are then I die. I’ve done nothing to fulfill my film duty and get love from everyone. I can not do anything to help Guangcheng moreover. At the bottom of this society, it’s all veritably sad.

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