Many weeks ago I had a chance to visit a veritably small vill. The townies there told me the story of how they converted to Christianity and I allowed
it was an intriguing story that gave regard to their relationship with God and some of the practical challenges of being a pastoral Christian. The following is a veritably close description of what I heard from his congregation

townie# 1- Before we came Christian, our vill was known for quarrels with our neighbors. The outlanders said you could hear us fighting indeed before we entered. The neighbors used to fight with Suraj till the sunset. We were really stupendous also( agreed in agreement).

Another townie latterly told us that she was one of the worst, and raised her hands to show her fighting capability. The other townies set up it ridiculous, but it sounded enough clear that she was a tough old lady.

also, one of our townlets met a minister from a near city and came a Christian( this minister was Chinese, in the 80s he was converted by another Chinese minister). When others saw how happy she was, they too wanted to come Christian.

Now nearly the whole vill has come Christian, and we no longer fight amongst ourselves. effects are much better now. We also entered an award from the original government for being a harmonious vill.

God has blessed our vill in numerous other ways as well. For illustration, because we’re high on a precipice, and we lately erected a road, we had to rope the pall down to bury it.

From time to time the pall would turn over and the body would fall out, a terrible mischance for the family. Since we came Christians, this has not happed indeed formerly.

The congregation in their sanctuary Minister from a near city- When townies from this place first started coming to my church, it took them about 6 hours to reach the tabernacle.

This was because there was no road leading to the vill, and thus the trip wasn’t only delicate but also dangerous. When I set up out about this, I communicated with a Christian charity for help.

The charity also worked with the original government to secure backing for the design, but to keep costs down, the townies had to work together.

Talking With Christians In Rural China

Although he didn’t struggle much during that time, he was too busy with husbandry to work on the design. still, one day this woman( a missing woman appears in front of the church) picked up a pail and started working on the road.

When others saw that this impaired man was also ready to go to work, they knew he’d no valid reason( at this time, utmost churches, including the woman, were crying).

Now that the road is erected, it’s easier for them not only to go to church, but they can also pierce exigency medical services and vend their goods in the request. It’s truly a priceless gift from God.

Way Le Leader Answering a question about knowledge- There are veritably many people in our vill who can read. utmost youthful people( who could read) have given up, and so new religionists may find it delicate to understand the training of the Bible.

One of our members was so determined to learn the assignment, that she read Bible passages from her hubby every night until she had learned the utmost of the important textbooks.

Indeed though she can not read, others in the church know that if there’s a question about Book, she can always study the entire verse.

Another woman’s hubby decided that he could educate his woman to read while she worked. So every night he’d copy a lyric for her in large characters. also while she was furrowing the fields, she attached the lyrics to the cow’s back and studied the characters one by one. Now he’s one of the leaders of our church.

So indeed though utmost members can not read, all members can pierce the Bible in one way or another. We also spend time learning all the songs of the day before each church service.

A near city minister answered a question about whether being a Christian ever got him into trouble with the original government – in the late 80s, shortly after I came a Christian, I saw numerous youthful people on motorcycles.

Saw their ride and they looked like hookers. I felt this was a commodity the government shouldn’t have control over, so I made several high-character bills encouraging them to take action.

Many days latterly, the Public Security Bureau came and took me to the police station for questioning. He asked,” Have you written signs near government structures?”

” I did,” I said.
” Who told you to do this?” They said.

” I did it myself,” I replied.
” Why are you against the party?” He asked.

Although I was veritably confused, as I had no way said anything against the party, I was only encouraging them to uphold the laws. After several further rounds of questioning, I eventually realized that these officers People had noway indeed seen the bill.

Someone just told them that I was putting up signs in government structures and that I had no way done this before I was a Christian. In those days it was enough to get you into a lot of trouble.

Once I honored this and explained to them what the signs actually said, they were so embarrassed that they questioned me about them, and assured me that the government would not look into the matter.

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