I assume you’re a China watcher and formerly know theSouthern Weekend Incident( also restated as Southern Weekly) miracle that has been going on for the once many days. However, you will find out then, If you are not. Either way, I want to keep the event in the bigger picture.

China does not have a free press- we all know that. Southern Weekend is part of Southern Media Group, a Guangdong parochial-position state-possessed media enterprise.

Like any state-possessed enterprise, whether they manufacture sewage pipes or produce journals, its top leader in the party clerk, and in the case of the NMG, the post is held by the propaganda department of Guangdong fiefdom.., to the Deputy Chief.

The group operates like a pot, but its crucial positions are appointed by the hype Department, and all members of its tract board are cleaned, which has come to the fore.

On top of that, the hype Department issues written/ oral instructions on whether and how news should be reported in the lowest detail. In this, all the media groups and journals of China are nearly the same.

That said, the NMG papers, especially Southern Weekend, which are known for their liberal leanings, have been erected under the nib of suppression as much as possible.

An attraction for China’s stylish intelligencers, it has garnered a character for being fresh, varied, and audacious, and for that, it has a large and pious readership across the country.

Over the times, still, the papers have gone through a number of significant” pocketbooks”, where editors and intelligencers were fired for their reports that were considered out of bounds.

Cheng Yizhong the former editor-in-chief of the Nanfang Metropolis Daily, was falsely indicted for embezzlement( the charges were latterly dropped) but in fact because of the paper’s aggressive reporting on the SARS and Sun Zhigang case., was penalized for.

Southern Weekend Incident: Larger Picture

Former Southern Weekend Incident news director Chang Ping was fired in 2011 after being fired doubly for his reports and commentary.

These are just two exemplifications. numerous others also lost their jobs similar to Xiao Shu, and Li Wencai With the” bag”, there’s a decline in papers.

In a composition published last October in the New Statesman, Cheng Yizhong detailed how suppression was tensed at the review and how snitches were hired to oversee intelligencers and editors.

In an interview with Radio Netherlands Worldwide on Monday, Chang Ping said that, over the once five times, media outlets in Guangdong have been steadily retreating.

He said, although Wang Yang is extensively regarded as a reformist and entertained the rhetoric of” emancipation ideas” when he first arrived in Guangdong, suppression worsened during his term.

In fact, numerous pious compendiums of NMG letters will fluently tell you that” it does not be these days”.

According to a statement from the editors of Southern Weekend Incident, in 2012 alone, his stories were cleaned in some way or another. You can guess that the disappointment and demotion there’s adding day by day.

The Southern Weekend Incident began with a Weibo post complaining of procedural violations by the propaganda department the review has a long tradition of publishing New Year’s chatting letters, and this time’s letter is named” China dream of constitutionalism”.

Approved by the censors( anything that published the paper must be approved by the censors) and inked by the editors, it was ready to be published.

But without the editors’ knowledge, US officers at the Propaganda Department rewrote it, rebranded it as” Chasing the Dream”, and put it into print( read a detailed description of the chain of events then).

For the once many days, Weibo has been burning with commination of the party’s control over the media and its support for the Southern Weekend Incident. numerous statements and desires have been circulated by the intelligencers themselves, interns, prominent intellectualists, and the public.

Now, what I want to point out in this post is these intelligencers at the Southern Weekend aren’t appealing for the freedom of the press, or the lift of suppression, that they crave deep down in their hearts.

They’re only protesting procedural violations and demanding the abdication of Tuo Zhen the party’s propaganda chief in Guangdong.

They easily have their own prescriptions it’s their livelihood and they aren’t ready, or in a position to give it up.

likewise, the journalism body isn’t monolithic among them are sympathizers of propaganda and suppression, or those assessed by the department.
Still, utmost of his online and offline sympathizers are appealing to take advantage of this occasion press freedom and other abecedarian demands.

So, basically, these are two different camps. Indicates what SW intelligencers and editors will do next? Will they go forward or backward? What will be the public outrage? As I write, protesters from the general public are gathering outside the entrance to the NMG lot with signs similar as Overall, the Chinese New Year felicitations are surprising and fascinating. stay tuned.

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