Dark Soul Names

788+ Names And Nicknames For Dark Souls

The video game Dark Souls includes three installments; I, II, and III. These three installments have different Dark Souls boss names, Dark Souls city names, and significant unique and cool Dark Soul Names.

In this video game, there are various characters like humans, dragons, paintings, and statues, and each of the roles plays a significant role in the game.

It is an action role-playing game that Hidetaka Miyazaki created. The Dark Souls game is famous for its difficulty level, world design, combat system, and lore.

In this video game, you have to take up the role of an undead character in the kingdom of Lordran. Here you need to fight your way through the world and defeat a lot of bosses; you uncover much of the lore.

This game offers many story elements. You have to find most of the story through character interactions, design of the world, and flavor texts.

In this post, we will discuss the dark soul’s names mainly. But before proceeding further, we will discuss the Dark Souls bosses. Some of the dark soul’s boss names are Abysswalker, Artorias, Asylum, Centipede Demon, and Demon.

There are Dark Souls dragon characters too, and they are also bosses but of a different character. Now let’s have a look at some significant Dark Souls boss characters.

Integrating Names That Mean Rain into this discussion can add a layer of symbolism and depth, drawing parallels between the mythical world of Dark Souls and the natural elements, and enhancing our understanding of the game’s lore and themes.

  • Asylum Demon: It is located in the Northern Undead Asylum as its tutorial boss with a drop soul item of humanity and Demon’s Great Hammer.
  • Artorias, the Abysswalker: It is located in the Royal Wood with the drop soul power of the Soul of Artorias. It is one of the most prominent ‘Dark Souls’ boss names.
  • Black Dragon Kalameet: One of the strongest dragon bosses in the ‘Dark Souls’ located at the Royal Wood.
  • Bed of Chaos: It is the root cause of all demons and chaos. It can be seen in Lost Izalith with a drop of humanity and the Lord’s Soul.
  • Bell Gargoyle: Located on the roof of the Undead Church. It protects the route to the Bell of Awakening.
  • Centipede Demon: A giant bug and a centipede demon boss live in the deep of the Demon Ruins’ lavas.
  • Ceaseless Discharge: A giant larva creature and one of the bosses of the ‘Dark Souls’ area of Demon Ruins with the power of Demon Ruins Humanity.
  • Chaos Witch Quelaag: It can be seen in the Blight town protecting the second Bell Tower.
  • Dark Sun Gwyndolin: Found on the Anor Londo with a drop soul item of Brass Armor Set and Sunlight Blade Miracle.
  • Firesage Demon: Located on the Demon Ruins of Dark Souls with a drop power of Humanity and Demon’s Catalyst.
  • Gaping Dragon: A huge creature boss with hundreds of teeth in the ‘Dark Souls’ and is seen in the Undead Burg and Blighttown.
  • While you are being adventurous, you can be funny as well. Now, have a look at some cool & funny Dark Souls names.
Sapphire SoulsBoulder DarkSoulsologyCognitive SoulsDial Souls
Surprise SoulsOrbit SoulsInstant SoulsSucceed SoulsSpire Dark
Transport DarkBrightness DarkDarkbeaRadiant SoulsFuture Souls
Weight SoulsSoulssterRound DarkHeritage DarkSquad Dark
Meadow DarkSpade SoulsGiant SoulsMonster SoulsFortune Dark
Devilish SoulsOverdrive SoulsPalate DarkColor DarkRepair Souls
Deluxe DarkGreens SoulsFlourish SoulsTrade DarkPing Souls
Thumb SoulsFoster DarkTime SoulsSoulsoryxPact Dark
Cheap Shot SoulsProphecy SoulsDarkmoonExcel DarkDo Dark
Olympic DarkDarkegySoulsiumSuperior DarkPerfect Dark
Pillar SoulsCluster DarkLaunch SoulsRank SoulsZoo Souls
Fronius DarkDarkiumSoulsadilAdvocate SoulsBattle Souls
Barter DarkChoice DarkDarkopsShare SoulsPlanet Dark
DarknessOrigin DarkFireside DarkAshram SoulsThumb Dark
Glee DarkMoon DarkSoulsoramaTask DarkSeek Dark
Vector SoulsDarkbiaMagnet DarkMalasana SoulsScoot Dark
SoulszoidBargain DarkDarkmoonBlends SoulsConsumer Souls
Kingdom SoulsGraceful DarkMount SoulsTenor DarkProbe Dark
Delight DarkCleopatra DarkPrincess DarkTantra DarkStill Dark
Nexus SoulsLakes DarkLift SoulsProgram SoulsAjar Dark
SoulsluxGround DarkSoulsyaJoy SoulsChew Dark
Songbird DarkBand SoulsPlants SoulsWholesome SoulsHarvest Souls
Fire SoulsDarkpadDarkdoDarkluxCaptain Dark
Storm DarkCities SoulsRave DarkActive DarkPoplin Dark
Thumb SoulsDelight DarkYawl SoulsBarter DarkKeys Dark
Cheap Shot SoulsNexus SoulsLink DarkDarkoontEdge Souls
Olympic DarkSoulsluxFlatter DarkGlee DarkKeystone Souls
Pillar SoulsSongbird DarkEternal SoulsVector SoulsYard Dark
Fronius DarkFire SoulsSensation SoulsSoulszoidCreate Souls
Scrub DarkStorm DarkIconic DarkKingdom SoulsSail Souls

Male & Female Dark Soul Names

Dark Soul Names

The fight between males and females remains forever. The fight exists here also. But there is no naming difference between male and female Dark Souls characters. Let us share some Male & Female Dark Souls’ names now.

Edge SoulsCrypt SoulsEdge SoulsCrypt SoulsEdge Souls
Keystone SoulsZealous SoulsKeystone SoulsZealous SoulsKeystone Souls
Yard DarkDivine SoulsYard DarkDivine SoulsYard Dark
Create SoulsABC DarkCreate SoulsABC DarkCreate Souls
Yawl SoulsEngage SoulsYawl SoulsEngage SoulsYawl Souls
Link DarkBlend DarkLink DarkBlend DarkLink Dark
Flatter DarkAlliance SoulsFlatter DarkAlliance SoulsFlatter Dark
Eternal SoulsMindset DarkEternal SoulsMindset DarkEternal Souls
Sensation SoulsVedas SoulsSensation SoulsVedas SoulsSensation Souls
Iconic DarkAsh DarkIconic DarkAsh DarkIconic Dark
Scrub DarkSmart DarkScrub DarkSmart DarkScrub Dark
Loop DarkPalette SoulsLoop DarkPalette SoulsLoop Dark
Edge SoulsCrypt SoulsEdge SoulsCrypt SoulsEdge Souls
Keystone SoulsZealous SoulsKeystone SoulsZealous SoulsKeystone Souls
Yard DarkDivine SoulsYard DarkDivine SoulsYard Dark
Create SoulsABC DarkCreate SoulsABC DarkCreate Souls
Yawl SoulsEngage SoulsYawl SoulsEngage SoulsYawl Souls
Link DarkBlend DarkLink DarkBlend DarkLink Dark
Flatter DarkAlliance SoulsFlatter DarkAlliance SoulsFlatter Dark
Eternal SoulsMindset DarkEternal SoulsMindset DarkEternal Souls
Sensation SoulsVedas SoulsSensation SoulsVedas SoulsSensation Souls
Iconic DarkAsh DarkIconic DarkAsh DarkIconic Dark
Scrub DarkSmart DarkScrub DarkSmart DarkScrub Dark
Loop DarkPalette SoulsLoop DarkPalette SoulsLoop Dark
Keys DarkEdge SoulsKeystone SoulsYard DarkCreate Souls
Yawl SoulsLink DarkFlatter DarkEternal SoulsSensation Souls
Scrub DarkLoop DarkFriends DarkBandit SoulsSail Souls
Dashboard SoulsSteady DarkJoint DarkTrend DarkSnap Dark
Exciting DarkOrbit DarkRoadway SoulsPremium SoulsDare Souls
Impulse SoulsGenetic SoulsHail SoulsAffluence DarkLounge Souls
Collect DarkLoops SoulsFlight SoulsSaffron SoulsCatwalk Souls

Badass Dark Soul Names

Dark Soul Names

Toughness in-game is necessary. The golden rule is that if you stay tough you win. Therefore in Dark Souls, there are some badass characters as well. Now let’s have a look at the Badass Dark Souls’ names

Trend DarkPrimary DarkTrend DarkPrimary DarkTrend Dark
Snap DarkSanctuary SoulsSnap DarkSanctuary SoulsSnap Dark
Exciting DarkSystem SoulsExciting DarkSystem SoulsExciting Dark
Orbit DarkAnswer SoulsOrbit DarkAnswer SoulsOrbit Dark
Roadway SoulsNetwork DarkRoadway SoulsNetwork DarkRoadway Souls
Premium SoulsHope SoulsPremium SoulsHope SoulsPremium Souls
Dare SoulsAve SoulsDare SoulsAve SoulsDare Souls
Impulse SoulsCom DarkImpulse SoulsCom DarkImpulse Souls
Genetic SoulsDud DarkGenetic SoulsDud DarkGenetic Souls
Hail SoulsBoy SoulsHail SoulsBoy SoulsHail Souls
Affluence DarkCanister SoulsAffluence DarkCanister SoulsAffluence Dark
Lounge SoulsAtlas SoulsLounge SoulsAtlas SoulsLounge Souls
Collect DarkAdonis DarkCollect DarkAdonis DarkCollect Dark
Loops SoulsBoss SoulsLoops SoulsBoss SoulsLoops Souls
Flight SoulsCrisp DarkFlight SoulsCrisp DarkFlight Souls
Saffron SoulsGoto DarkSaffron SoulsGoto DarkSaffron Souls
Catwalk SoulsSwarm DarkCatwalk SoulsSwarm DarkCatwalk Souls
Captivating DarkCognitive DarkCaptivating DarkCognitive DarkCaptivating Dark
Grove SoulsTread SoulsGrove SoulsTread SoulsGrove Souls
Take SoulsFunk SoulsTake SoulsFunk SoulsTake Souls
Pirate DarkPublic SoulsPirate DarkPublic SoulsPirate Dark
Project SoulsEnergise SoulsProject SoulsEnergise SoulsProject Souls
Cells DarkCapsule SoulsCells DarkCapsule SoulsCells Dark
App DarkUnite DarkApp DarkUnite DarkApp Dark
Tulip DarkBlend SoulsTulip DarkBlend SoulsTulip Dark
Sombre DarkPraise SoulsSombre DarkPraise SoulsSombre Dark
Flight SoulsTake SoulsTulip DarkCognitive SoulsColor Dark
Saffron SoulsPirate DarkSombre DarkSucceed SoulsTrade Dark
Catwalk SoulsProject SoulsGene DarkRadiant SoulsSoulsoryx
Captivating DarkCells DarkRelm DarkHeritage DarkExcel Dark
Grove SoulsApp DarkEra DarkMonster SoulsSuperior Dark
Rank SoulsAdvocate SoulsShare SoulsAshram SoulsTask Dark

Dark Soul Names For Pets

We all love our pets. And, it’s a unique way to give a Dark Soul’s name to them as well. For Dark Souls fans, here we will share Dark Souls names for pets. Integrating Names That Mean Red into this discussion can add a touch of symbolism and intrigue, offering pet owners a range of evocative names inspired by the color red and its associations with passion, strength, and vitality.

Monster SoulsFortune DarkMeadow DarkSpade SoulsGiant Souls
Color DarkRepair SoulsDevilish SoulsOverdrive SoulsPalate Dark
Trade DarkPing SoulsDeluxe DarkGreens SoulsFlourish Souls
SoulsoryxPact DarkThumb SoulsFoster DarkTime Souls
Excel DarkDo DarkCheap Shot SoulsProphecy SoulsDarkmoon
Superior DarkPerfect DarkOlympic DarkDarkegySoulsium
Rank SoulsZoo SoulsPillar SoulsCluster DarkLaunch Souls
Advocate SoulsBattle SoulsFronius DarkDarkiumSoulsadil
Share SoulsPlanet DarkBarter DarkChoice DarkDarkops
Ashram SoulsThumb DarkDarknessOrigin DarkFireside Dark
Task DarkSeek DarkGlee DarkMoon DarkSoulsorama
Malasana SoulsScoot DarkVector SoulsDarkbiaMagnet Dark
Blends SoulsConsumer SoulsSoulszoidBargain DarkDarkn
Tenor DarkProbe DarkKingdom SoulsGraceful DarkMount Souls
Tantra DarkStill DarkDelight DarkCleopatra DarkPrincess Dark
Program SoulsAjar DarkNexus SoulsLakes DarkLift Souls
Joy SoulsChew DarkSoulsluxGround DarkSoulsya
Wholesome SoulsHarvest SoulsSongbird DarkBand SoulsPlants Souls
DarkluxCaptain DarkFire SoulsDarkpadDarkdo
Active DarkPoplin DarkStorm DarkCities SoulsRave Dark
Seekers SoulsKeys DarkKeys DarkSeekers SoulsKeys Dark
Crypt SoulsEdge SoulsEdge SoulsCrypt SoulsEdge Souls
Zealous SoulsKeystone SoulsKeystone SoulsZealous SoulsKeystone Souls
Divine SoulsYard DarkYard DarkDivine SoulsYard Dark
ABC DarkCreate SoulsCreate SoulsABC DarkCreate Souls
Wholesome SoulsZealous SoulsAlliance SoulsPalette SoulsEmerald Souls
DarkluxDivine SoulsMindset DarkSway DarkBlended Souls
Active DarkABC DarkVedas SoulsKissable DarkPrimary Dark
Seekers SoulsEngage SoulsAsh DarkRank SoulsSanctuary Souls
Crypt SoulsBlend DarkSmart DarkMagnolia DarkSystem Souls
Answer SoulsNetwork DarkHope SoulsAve SoulsCom Dark

Dark Soul Names Generator

Dark Soul Names

You can use the Dark Soul’s name generator to find creative and unique Dark Souls names. Such name ideas are;

Emerald SoulsSteady DarkSteady DarkEmerald SoulsSteady Dark
Blended SoulsJoint DarkJoint DarkBlended SoulsJoint Dark
Primary DarkTrend DarkTrend DarkPrimary DarkTrend Dark
Sanctuary SoulsSnap DarkSnap DarkSanctuary SoulsSnap Dark
System SoulsExciting DarkExciting DarkSystem SoulsExciting Dark
Answer SoulsOrbit DarkOrbit DarkAnswer SoulsOrbit Dark
Network DarkRoadway SoulsRoadway SoulsNetwork DarkRoadway Souls
Hope SoulsPremium SoulsPremium SoulsHope SoulsPremium Souls
Ave SoulsDare SoulsDare SoulsAve SoulsDare Souls
Com DarkImpulse SoulsImpulse SoulsCom DarkImpulse Souls
Dud DarkGenetic SoulsGenetic SoulsDud DarkGenetic Souls
Boy SoulsHail SoulsHail SoulsBoy SoulsHail Souls
Canister SoulsAffluence DarkAffluence DarkCanister SoulsAffluence Dark
Atlas SoulsLounge SoulsLounge SoulsAtlas SoulsLounge Souls
Adonis DarkCollect DarkCollect DarkAdonis DarkCollect Dark
Boss SoulsLoops SoulsLoops SoulsBoss SoulsLoops Souls
Crisp DarkFlight SoulsFlight SoulsCrisp DarkFlight Souls
Goto DarkSaffron SoulsSaffron SoulsGoto DarkSaffron Souls
Swarm DarkCatwalk SoulsCatwalk SoulsSwarm DarkCatwalk Souls
Cognitive DarkCaptivating DarkCaptivating DarkCognitive DarkCaptivating Dark
Tread SoulsGrove SoulsGrove SoulsTread SoulsGrove Souls
Funk SoulsTake SoulsTake SoulsFunk SoulsTake Souls
Public SoulsPirate DarkPirate DarkPublic SoulsPirate Dark
Energise SoulsProject SoulsProject SoulsEnergise SoulsProject Souls
Answer SoulsDud DarkBoss SoulsFunk SoulsBlend Souls
Network DarkBoy SoulsCrisp DarkPublic SoulsPraise Souls
Hope SoulsCanister SoulsGoto DarkEnergise SoulsWellness Dark
Ave SoulsAtlas SoulsSwarm DarkCapsule SoulsDive Souls
Com DarkAdonis DarkCognitive DarkUnite DarkAdo Souls
Seekers SoulsCrypt SoulsTread SoulsZealous SoulsDivine Souls

Dark Soul Names Reddit

Dark Soul Names

You can search for Dark Souls’ names on Reddit to find Dark Souls nicknames. Such Reddit Dark Souls names are;

Wellness DarkGene DarkGene DarkWellness DarkGene Dark
Dive SoulsRelm DarkRelm DarkDive SoulsRelm Dark
Ado SoulsEra DarkEra DarkAdo SoulsEra Dark
Seekers SoulsKeys DarkRank SoulsZoo SoulsPillar Souls
Crypt SoulsEdge SoulsAdvocate SoulsBattle SoulsFronius Dark
Zealous SoulsKeystone SoulsShare SoulsPlanet DarkBarter Dark
Divine SoulsYard DarkAshram SoulsThumb DarkDarkoont
ABC DarkCreate SoulsTask DarkSeek DarkGlee Dark
Engage SoulsYawl SoulsMalasana SoulsScoot DarkVector Souls
Blend DarkLink DarkBlends SoulsConsumer SoulsSoulszoid
Alliance SoulsFlatter DarkTenor DarkProbe DarkKingdom Souls
Mindset DarkEternal SoulsTantra DarkStill DarkDelight Dark
Vedas SoulsSensation SoulsProgram SoulsAjar DarkNexus Souls
Ash DarkIconic DarkJoy SoulsChew DarkSoulslux
Smart DarkScrub DarkWholesome SoulsHarvest SoulsSongbird Dark
Palette SoulsLoop DarkDarkluxCaptain DarkFire Souls
Sway DarkFriends DarkActive DarkPoplin DarkStorm Dark
Kissable DarkBandit SoulsSeekers SoulsKeys DarkKeys Dark
Rank SoulsSail SoulsCrypt SoulsEdge SoulsEdge Souls
Magnolia DarkDashboard SoulsZealous SoulsKeystone SoulsKeystone Souls
Emerald SoulsSteady DarkDivine SoulsYard DarkYard Dark
Blended SoulsJoint DarkABC DarkCreate SoulsCreate Souls
Primary DarkTrend DarkEngage SoulsYawl SoulsYawl Souls
Sanctuary SoulsSnap DarkBlend DarkLink DarkLink Dark
Ash DarkRank SoulsSanctuary SoulsAve SoulsAtlas Souls
Smart DarkMagnolia DarkSystem SoulsCom DarkAdonis Dark
Palette SoulsEmerald SoulsAnswer SoulsDud DarkBoss Souls
Sway DarkBlended SoulsNetwork DarkBoy SoulsCrisp Dark
Kissable DarkPrimary DarkHope SoulsCanister SoulsGoto Dark
Swarm DarkCognitive DarkTread SoulsFunk SoulsPublic Souls
Energise SoulsCapsule SoulsUnite DarkBlend SoulsPraise Souls

Frequently Asked Questions       

Q1. What was Dark Souls’ original name?

A: Before 2010 From software took Dark Souls as the main name. However, it wasn’t acceptable back then. Therefore, at the end of 2010dark lord and dark ring were proposed.

That time the dark lord trademark was not provided. Therefore From software finally decided to choose a dark ring as their name. Unfortunately, in England, the dark ring is considered slang, and thus the name was rejected. And, finally, the Dark Souls name was acceptable.

Q2. What is the character’s name in Dark Souls?

A: In the Dark Souls series, the protagonist characters are; Chosen Undead, Ashen One, and Bearer of the Curse. The opposing characters are Aldrich and Gwyn.

Q3. Which Dark Souls was the hardest?

A: People have different opinions about this video game. So, there is no particular reason behind the difficulty level of Dark Souls. But according to the potential ranking, the top three hardest Dark Souls are; Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls 3.


For several years, the concealed mythology of Dark Souls has been in use for discussion. We can come to the conclusion that all the games have been following a cycle for almost a thousand years.

We have covered so many Dark Souls names from almost every category in this post. Also, we have covered Dark Souls’ names for our pets. Hopefully, now you have plenty of names and nicknames for Dark Souls.