The X-Men were born and continue to live in The Marvel Universe, not DC. But, now new fans have a right to be confused. In 1996, DC Comics and Marvel comics came together to create a publishing imprint, Amalgam Comics.

The X-Men are a fictional team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Since the year 2000, 20th Century Fox has produced X-men movies.

With the acquisition of 20th Century Studios, Disney and Marvel Studios own great film rights to the world of X-Men and more, such as Deadpool 3. Scroll down to know the real answer about X-Men is Marvel or DC?

Who Owns X-Men?

In the year March 2019, Marvel Studios retained the movie rights to the X-Men, along with Fantastic Four and Deadpool, after Disney acquired Fox for $71.3 billion.

In October 2020, the films in the X-Men series, along with the Fantastic Four films, were rebranded as Marvel Legacy films on Disney+.

X-Men Movies Marvel Or Dc – Get A Perfect Answer?

Because of the powers that were in The Fantastic Four, Lee was curious that their might be covered. So for any step of creation, he would always ask the questions like What powers do they have? What are their names? How did they get them?

The simple solution he could come up with was that they were born with powers. And, they categorized them as The Mutants and took the idea to the publisher.

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The next issues went on to show that all mutants in the Universe of Marvel possessed an X-gene that when triggered via worries or puberty and more would give the personal superhuman powers that were sometimes a present or a curse.

The Conclusion of X-Men, Marvel Or DC?

Did X-Men Use To Be Dc?

We have seen over twenty years we have seen Huge jackman go from a young man with a dad body to a man in his late 40s that really looks like a mutant! It’s been an amazing journey over the last two decades.

However, our point is that X-Men is Marvel or DC? However,  new fans that are entering wonder the reason they have not seen their favorite mutants combat alongside The Avengers or Spider-Man just like they act in the comics.

The Reason X-Men Is Not Part Of Avengers?

The superhero stories like X-Men are used to be technically a part of the Marvel Comics Universe, insofar as they live underneath the Marvel umbrella rather than the DC Comics umbrella.

However, at the time when Fox had maintained legal control over all those characters, they were all doomed to never join the gargantuan Marve Cinematic Universe.

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Is X-Men Marve Or DC?

This will surely help you to think that is X-Men Marvel or DC? The first magazine issue of The X-men was published in 1963 as well as created by Iconic comic book writers Stan Lee as well as Jack Kirby.

As per Stan, because of the success of The Fantastic Four comics, his publisher wanted him as well as Jack to come up with a new superhero team.The Conclusion of X-Men, Marvel Or DC?

The best solution he could come up with was that they were simply born with powers, so he categorized them as The Mutants as well as took the idea to his publisher.

The fans of X-Men are high excited since August 2020 when Disney announced the acquisition of 20th Century Fox. it is because Disney now has ownership over the rights to these to characters. The X-men can officially enter into The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is x-men a Marvel or DC?
X-Men are a group of mutant superheroes that live in the Marvel Universe. Since the year 2000, 20th Century Fox has sponsored nine movies of X-men. The first magazine of X-Men was published in 1963 as well as made by Iconic book by comedy writers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

2. Is the x-men movie Marvel or DC?
With the epic bond and groups that we saw towards the end of Avengers Endgame, new fans wonder why they didn’t see other persons of the Marvel Universe join the combat against Thanos.

3. Who is the DC version of x-men?
The DC Universe’s version of the X-Men might really have good costumes than the mutant team. The Zen-Men are an analog of Marvel’s X-Men. However, have arguably improved on their designs. Through the years, DC comics has paid tribute to the Marvel Universe several times, sometimes with more obvious nods than others.

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