The moment People’s Daily ran a story emphasizing the forthcoming release of the completed workshop nearly 50 times after Lei Feng’s death.

In the West still, this is extensively accepted as the fact that Lei was further a constructed character who met the party’s propaganda needs and is evocative of Mao’s days before the Cultural Revolution.

At the moment we will try to answer two questions about Lei- who was Lei Feng? And is there still room for the” Lei Feng spirit” in ultramodern China?

I read a People’s Daily composition introducing the man Born in central China’s Hunan fiefdom in the late 1940s, Lei was orphaned at age 7.

He began working in a sword shop in 1958 and joined the army in 1960 at the age of 20. Gone. Gone. Gone. Lei is known for being devoted to nearly everyone who selflessly helps the indigent with their free time and plutocrat.

He failed on August 15, 1962, after being hit on the head with a stick while helping a fellow dogface to unbend a truck.

In a journal just five days before his unforeseen death, he wrote,” From now on, I’ll be more favored and admired by the people, will always learn from the public with a humble heart like an abecedarian pupil, and will be a menial of the people.”

A time latterly, the late President Mao Zedong called on the entire country to follow Lei’s illustration, and 5 March every time was designated as” Lei Feng Day”.

Is there still room for Lei Feng in modern China?

From 1958 – to 1962 the youthful man is believed to have written 330 journal entries, 12 papers, 18 speeches, 30 runes, 3 novels, and nine pieces of prose( he must have been 18 when he began writing). Which he achieved without any praise in his life by working in a sword shop and joining the army to help the indigent.

Yet even after his death, dozens of prints of Lei Feng surfaced, helping old men cross the road, washing buses, and standing with machine ordnance.

In China moment, the lei Feng stands as a symbol of both altruism and a long-gone period. In 2010, People’s Daily included a joke about Lei in its composition, Is Learning from Lei Fang Now Old? Let’s forget the the post-1980s and post-1990s insurrections. Lei Feng.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the 2007 videotape game” Learn from Lei Fang” failed to bring the spirit to the present period. The game seems to concentrate on a world fully strange to the children it should have been drawn to.

Then are some” quotations” of sixth graders playing sports ( each paragraph is from a different part of the composition, not a long speech) For newcomers, sewing and repairing socks is the only way to enhance and upgrade the experience.”

He also said that he substantially likes to fight against secret agents. “ occasionally the adversary was too strong. The fight had nearly exhausted me, so I incontinently went to talk to the party clerk so that I could replenish my vitality.”

” As long as my experience, character, skill, and fidelity meet the criteria of the game, I’ll win and meet with Chairman Mao,” Xiao said.” I still have a lot to do. I’ll’ work hard’ and try to get the chairman’s signature as soon as possible.”

Fixing socks, getting” further average” and seeking a virtual signature; It’s hard to imagine why such a sport doesn’t reverberate with the youth of the moment. Not to mention Chairman Mao’s disturbing attempt to revitalize the cult.

When I asked a coworker( 30 times old and generally a critic of the party) what she allowed of Lei Fang moment, my desire to see the legend vanish was greatly lowered( Yaxu Ko Lei).). Had a different experience with Fang).

Looking down for a while, a smile appeared on his face,” Lei Feng was a good person, a kind person. He helped numerous people and did numerous good effects. I suppose people should follow his illustration.” must misbehave.” Must observe.” Must observe.” Must observe.”

My schoolteacher just told me that we should be helpful like him, we did not have to try to write an essay or speech like Lei Feng.” He latterly said that in his mind they weren’t symbols of Mao or illiberalism, just mores.

When I asked her what she had created from nonnatives who allowed
she couldn’t be real, she was incontinently shocked, not realizing the possibility that she had been constructed, for the champion.”

It presumably did not count that he was real,” nearly one for people.. Like religion.” kind. Teachers to be good, indeed if God isn’t real. It’s a pity that my children won’t learn about him. He is no longer important.”

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