To keep it simple, Aircel Comics, a part of Malibu Comics, released the first Men in Black comic books – three books- in 1900 and 1991. The movie, when made, starred Chris Evans as Malibu. Men in Black was later acquired by Marvel Comics when it was released in the theatres. 

Is Men In Black Shield?

After answering Is Men In Black Marvel? The next most frequently asked question is whether or not Men in Black are a part of Sheild.

Is Men In Black Marvel?

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There are multiple possibilities related to this question. Many fans believe during the 90s, the public discovered the Men in Black, and the agency couldn’t be hidden anymore.

Thus it was split into two branches – M16 and Sheild. While MI6 was hidden away, Shield became a popular agency under the leadership of Nick Fury. 

So, Men in Black is basically a covert agency inside the Marvel Comic Universe that partners with military branches like SHIELD and SWORD to protect the Earth from threats. 

Is Men In Black A Marvel Property?

When it was released originally, Men in Black was not a part of the Marvel universe. After the movie hit the theatres, Marvel purchased the comic series from Aircel Comics in 2004. Aircel Comics released the first Men in Balck Comic book. 

Who Is The Black Guy In Marvel?

Marvel has always been a diverse set of comics that later became diverse movies. To continue its diversity and inclusion legacy, Marvel positioned its first ever African-American superhero in the Marvel Universe – Luke Cage. The character belongs to New York, Harlem and grows up in a poor neighbourhood. 

Is Men In Black Based On Marvel?

When the comic first appeared, Men in Black was not a part of Marvel and was released by Aircel Comics. Marvel purchased the franchise back in 2004. 

Which Marvel Character Is Black?

Marvel has about eight black superheroes:

1. Luke Cage: Born in a poor neighbourhood, Luke Cage is one of the first African-American superheroes in Marvel. He becomes a hero-for-hire in the comics eventually. 

2. Miles Morales: Inspired by Barrack Obama and Donald Glover, Miles is a thirteen years old boy who takes up Spider-Man’s identity after his death. He is the first black Spider-Man. 

3. Black Panther: Belonging to Walanda, Black Panther is a prince who uses his superpower and advanced technology. 

4. Cloak: He is recognised as the ‘superhero of the streets’ in the Marvel comics. 

5. Blade: He is a vampire hunter superhero who wears sunglasses at night. In the comics, the character is born in an English brothel and is trained by a jazz trumpeter and a vampire hunter. He is a vampire-human hybrid. 

6. Storm: Ororo Monroe, also known as Storm, is one of the most popular and recognisable characters in the Marvel Universe.

Is Men In Black Marvel?

Her looks are also unique (especially the sliver hair), and she can influence the power of nature. Storm is a part of the X-Men. 

Besides these, Brother Voodoo, Bishop, Falcon, and Green Lantern are also black superheroes in Marvel. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Is Men in Black in the same universe as Marvel?

Yes. A theory establishes the Men in Black at the sun branch of SHEILD and SWORD. If that be the case, the Men in Black are in the same universe as Marvel. 

2. What Marvel Earth is Men in Black?

The Men in Black are on Earth 616 and have to fight the Asgafians banished from the Earth. 

3. Is Man in Black in MCU?

Though the Marcel Cinematic Universe couldn’t get any larger, some fans opine that the Men in Black franchise can also come under the Marvel Universe.

Though Men in Black is still not a part of MCU, it might come under the umbrella soon, especially due to the current partnership between Sony (who ones Men in Black) and Marvel.  

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