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Is Marvel Older Than Dc?


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DC is older in theory. They released their first comic in February 1934, whereas Marvel did so in October 1939.

DC Comics debuted in 1934, making it five years older than Marvel at that time. Under the name National Allied Publications, it was first released.

Later, in 1977, it was changed to DC Comics, which took its cue from their well-known Batman-starring series Detective Comics.

New Fun Comics and Adventure Comics were its first titles, followed by Detective Comics with Batman in 1937 and Action Comics with Superman in 1938.

Who Is The Oldest Super Hero?

The Phantom, a superhero invented by Lee Falk in the United States, made his debut on February 17, 1936, in his newspaper comic strip.

Is Marvel Older Than Dc?

It mentions Kit Walker, who dressed as The Phantom while donning a mask and a purple outfit, as having fled the city after an unfortunate incident.

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Who Is The Oldest Superhero In Age?

Which universe, DC or Marvel, is larger, I wondered. The DC Universe has many more characters in news and art, despite being as large as the New York Times. Even further into the Multiverse are the DC comics.

Look here to know the oldest superheros in age….

1. Galactus (Before Time)

Although Galactus is typically viewed as a villain, even in the pages of the Fantastic Four, he is frequently viewed with an understanding of his circumstances.

Galactus is what nature intended him to be, so he must eat. He’s not evil by nature; he’s just a predator, just like most, if not all, other creatures, to some extent.

2. The One Above All (Before Time)

The One Above All has a special place in the Marvel Universe because it’s believed that he created it. He is therefore older than what is thought to be created.

The One Above All is the person who the Living Tribunal, the judge of the Omniverse, reports, which serves to emphasize just how old and strong he is.

3. The Celestials (Beginning Of Time)

When the Celestials visited Earth in the past, millions of years ago, they experimented in various ways with humankind. However, they are much older than that.

The First Firmament, which first appeared at the start of creation itself, gave rise to these extremely massive and powerful beings.

Is Marvel Older Than Dc?

4. Living Tribunal (Beginning Of Time)

Although Lee Kirby isn’t involved with The Living Tribunal, he very well might be. Similar to the Watchers in some ways, the Living Tribunal is in charge of all the realities in the Marvel universe.

That explains why he has an odd detached three-sided head and indicates that he is a Watcher on an infinite scale.

5. The Watchers (Beginning Of Time)

The lifespans of Marvel characters spiral out of control after the Eternals. One of Lee and Kirby’s legendary early Fantastic Four inventions, The Watchers is one of the many legendary, eons-old cosmic characters they produced.

They are one of the oldest species still in existence, though it is unknown how old they exactly are.

6. The Eternals (5 Million Years)

About five million years have passed since the Eternals first appeared. The Celestials’ genetic research on early humans led to the creation of this race of immortal superbeings.

Sersi, Ikaris, and Makari were among the strong cast of characters that emerged as a result; all three will make their big-screen debuts early in the following year.

7. Odin (Millions Of Years)

In comic books, the father of Thor and King of Asgard Odin is depicted as being millions of years old. Odin is shown to have been a member of the Avengers in the year 1,000,000 BC, which gives you an idea of how old he is.

He also had a relationship with the Phoenix Force, a legendary cosmic being who would later join forces with Jean Grey in a tag team.

8. Apocalypse (5000 Years Old)

It’s possible that Thor met an Egyptian named En Sabah Nur while he was in Egypt. Of course, En Sabah Nur later evolved into Apocalypse and is regarded as the original mutant. There have been apocalypse events for more than 5,000 years.

9. Thor (4000 Years Old)

Like Wonder Woman, a lot depends on who is working on Thor at the moment to determine his age. According to the MCU, Thor is 1500 years old.

A flashback in the 2008 comic book storyline The Truth of History depicts Thor visiting ancient Egypt while the pyramids were being built.

Is Marvel Older Than Dc?

Thor could be anywhere between 2600 and 4600 years old because the pyramids were constructed between 2630 and 664 BC.

10. Moira MacTaggart (Approximately 1500 Years)

Last year, Jonathan Hickman completely shocked X-Men fans by revealing that longtime mutant ally Moira MacTaggart is also a mutant. She also can resurrect after dying, restarting her life from scratch.

In at least one of her ten previous lives, Moira appears to have lived for a very long time. Moira is depicted as existing more than a century in the future in her ninth life.

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Who Is Oldest Marvel Hero?

Thor (1. With a 500-year lifespan, Thor is the oldest member of the Avengers. There is no denying that the thunder god is one, but the assertion is false.

Given that they are 500 years apart, it makes sense that his brother Loki is 1,000 years older than he is. One is five hundred ninety-five years old on average.

Is Superman The Oldest Superhero?

There is no question that he was the first because he was featured in Action Comics #1, which was published in June 1938 by the organization that is now known as DC Comics.

The creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel, and Joe Shuster, also released the Doctor Occult comic book in 1993. It had an intriguing plot twist.

Is Marvel Older Than Dc?

What Has Marvel Stolen From Dc?

Both Marvel and DC have developed cult followings and have elevated to the status of pop culture icons in recent years. These two fictional worlds first appeared in the 1900s, at the height of the Golden and Silver Ages of comic books.

These are some lines which has been Stolen by Marvel From Dc…

  • It took ten seconds for Gladiator, Hyperion, & Sentry to start appearing in…
  • You’ve got to get behind Bucky Barnes… Robin…
  • Red Tornado – Vision Number 8….
  • #14: Black Cat as Catwoman.
  • The sixth-best comic book…
  • #62: Quicksilver. The Flash…
  • Number 4: Hawkeye. Number 5: Green Arrow…

In this edition, we pick Deathstroke as number three, Deadpool as number three, and Borderlands as number four.

How frequently have you heard a pair refer to themselves as “Batman and Robin” or that someone’s anger and greenness surprised everyone and turned them into “the Hulk”?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does DC copy Marvel?

They have heavily plagiarised DC characters from the past. The only difference is that most of DC’s attempts to mimic Marvel’s success fell flat with readers when they first tried it.

Marvel, on the other hand, knew how to polish a character and make sure it was a surefire hit.

2. Who is the oldest superhero?

  • Doctor Fate (Nabu)

One of the Lords of Order, Nabu was created not long after the universe, which the comics claim to have existed for over 10 billion years, was created.

Doctor Fate is the oldest superhero ever made because Nabu essentially saw the universe’s creation.

3. Who is the oldest avenger?

Thor. This is what? With a roughly 1,505-year age difference, Thor is the oldest official Avenger. In Avengers: Infinity War, he first refers to his age, which corresponds to a birth year of roughly 518 CE.

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