The Hulk is a part of the Marvel cinematic universe but it has references with some DC universe characters like Solomon Grundy and Loose Cannon Created by the artist Jack Kirby and the writer Stan Lee, “The Hulk” is a character that was first introduced in the debut issue of “The Incredible Hulk” (1962) and is now appearing as a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

Is Hulk A Dc Character?

The primitive-minded, a combination of the brain and brawn, the cosmic giant is not a DC superhero.

Hulk is the “other I” or “doppelganger” (alter ego) of Dr. Bruce Banner, a well-known scientist, and a reserved person, who transformed into a mindless beast when he was exposed to high doses of gamma radiation while experimenting.

Since then, he turns into this green beast whenever due to any cause of rage, or anger is triggered in him. He first appeared in May 1962 as a character in Marvel comics in ‘The Incredible Hulk’.

Though Hulk is a Marvel character it is inspired by a villain in the DC universe known as Solomon Grundy (Cyprus Gold).

Did Marvel Buy Hulk From Dc?

No, Marvel late owns the rights to ‘The Hulk’ franchise unlike restricted control to this character as of before according to BGR. Kevin Feige, the Marvel president can now take this opportunity to proceed with a standalone movie to fill in the gaps in the story of the Hulk.

What Is Dc’S Version Of Hulk?

DC does have an answer to ‘The Hulk’ of the Marvel world and that character is Edward Walker or Loose Cannon who has become a villain in Superman #31.

The character of Loose Cannon is inspired by the incredible Hulk as they both share a backstory of how they transformed into other beings and of course how rage plays an important role.

Loose Cannon was once a quick-tempered working detective at Metropolis Police Department, Eddie Walker until he met with an accident and was severely injured. His job was downgraded to a desk job and he was afflicted with deep depression prior to working on his final case.

This case involved an alien invasion from the parasites behind the ‘Bloodlines’ event during which he was bitten by an alien. The impact of that bite was not fatal rather it inculcated in his powers of superhuman capacity.

After this event his strength, speed, durability, and color changed in tandem with the intensity of his rage, blue, red, and white, and he risked losing control.

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Behemoth who is also a DC character can be viewed as a DC version of the Hulk but he is not as similar to him as Loose Cannon. 

Is Hulk Marvel or DC?

Is Hulk Copied From Dc?

Marvel and DC, both copy or rather take inspiration from each other’s characters to create their own because how else, ‘DC or Marvel’, is a hot topic all the time?

From Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, and some more, Hulk also has a striking resemblance to one of DC’s characters. Hulk is heavily inspired or rather blatantly copied from the antihero of DC comics, Solomon Grundy.

Prior to the creation of Hulk in May 1962, Solomon Grundy was already an existing character in DC. He was introduced in ‘All American Comics’ in October 1944 by the writer Alfred Bester and artist Paul Reinman.

He is an alter ego of Cyprus Gold, just like Hulk is of Dr. Bruce Banner. He is sort of a revenant with superhuman strength and stamina, healing power, invulnerability, immortality, and nigh indestructibility similar to that of Hulk.

Though Solomon Grundy has different origins, all of them depict that he is a resurrected version of Cyprus Gold who died in Slaughter Swamp. His character is inspired by a children’s nursery rhyme.    

Hulk and Solomon Grundy have some differences as well Solomon Grundy does not share his body and mind with Cyrus Gold like Hulk does with Dr. Bruce Banner, unlike Dr. Bruce Banner, Cyprus Gold was already dead when he was put under heavy radiation.

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What Dc Character Can Beat The Hulk?

The Hulk is a destructive green monster when blinded by the intensity of his fury and at times all Marvel heroes combined find it difficult to stop him, so can a DC character beat ‘The Hulk’?

Yes indeed, there exists ‘The Justice League’ consisting of Superman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Aquaman, Shazam, Martian Manhunter, and Batman, who can save the day if Hulk ever started a destructive rampage in the DC universe.

As a personal slant, I think Superman and the Flash can alone defeat the Hulk by outsmarting him. Hulk can find himself weak in comparison to Superman’s full blitz and Flash’s light speed (because Hulk needs rage to intensify his power and with Flash’s speed he won’t get the time to prepare or build that anger). 

Is Hulk Marvel or DC?

Does Dc Have A Character Like Hulk?

Hulk shares a resemblance to Solomon Grundy (Cyprus Gold), Loose Cannon (Eddie Walker), and Behemoth from the Detective Comics.

Solomon Grundy is a villain in the DC universe and an inspiration for the origin of the Hulk. They both are alter egos, triggered by fury and huge destructive monsters since they were exposed to heavy doses of radiation.

Loose Cannon is sort of a DC version of Hulk. Though not a villain from the beginning, Loose Cannon is now depicted as a malicious monster in Superman #31.

Behemoth, a rage monster and a homage to the Hulk, has the personality of a childlike Hulk with an appearance of a man-child.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Hulk a DC character?
No, Hulk is a fictional character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for the Marvel comics in 1964 and is late owned by the Marvel world.

2. Who is the DC equivalent of Hulk?
Eddie Walker (Loose Cannon) is the DC version or equivalent of Hulk. Solomon Grundy (Cyprus Gold) is a DC giant revenant introduced in October 1944, a DC character from whom Hulk is inspired.

3. Are DC and Marvel the same?
They both are different comic universes. In other words, Marvel is one of a kind while DC is the only kind that means Detective Comics, as its name suggests requires its spectators to have a sense.

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