Is Hellboy Marvel Or DC?


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Hellboy, the well-known fictional character, is neither from DC nor from Marvel Comics. The character belongs to Dark Horse Comics, an independent publisher in America.

This famous cambion like character is an original creation penned by Mike Mignola for Dark Horse Comics.

What Company Owns Hellboy?

Mike Richardson’s Dark House Comics owns the licensing rights of Hellboy. After perceiving the massive acceptance & popularity, people often think that Hellboy is the part of either Marvel or DC.

Is Hellboy Marvel Or DC

Though Mignola, the writer of Hellboy, had tried to pitch the concept of Hellboy to DC Comic, but due to rejection by DC, Dark Horse, one of the greatest American independent publishers got the opportunity to possess the character, Hellboy.

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Who Owns Hellboy?

Hellboy is a widespread renowned fictional character written by Mike Mignola and was first appeared in the World of Comic books in 1993 owned by Dark Horse Comics.

After accomplishing the popularity of the character in numerous comic books, three live-action films, two animated films & several video games, Hellboy is solely owned by Dark Horse Comics rather than DC or Marvel Comics.

Dark Horse Comics is an independent and one of the largest comic books publishers in America since 1980s.

Is Hellboy A Dc Crossover?

Hellboy is one of the famous characters from the creative house of Dark Horse Comics. The character does not belong from DC.

Is Hellboy Marvel Or DC

The artist and creator of Hellboy Mike Mignola did some sketch and art works for DC on Gotham and as well as Marvel in his initial days.

Even when this original work Hellboy was created by him, the character was first proposed to the board of DC Comics, but DC was not convinced with the idea of naming a character with “Hell”. Then this character was published by Dark Horse Comics.

Hellboy was also been seen along with 2 DC superheroes Batman & Starman in 1999 in 2-issue miniseries i.e. Gotham Grey Evil & Jungle Green Horror; as a result of intercompany crossover between DC & Dark Horse Comics.

May be due to this reasons, many fans are urging that Hellboy is from DC or DC crossover. But the fact is that he is solely a licensed character of Dark Horse Comics only.

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Is Dark Horse Comics Owned By Marvel Or Dc Comics?

Dark Horse Comics is a leading & autonomous American comic book, graphic novel & manga publishing company founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson.

Is Hellboy Marvel Or DC

The company is one of the reputed & largest companies in America after DC and Marvel Comics. Though not as big as the two giants comic publishers like DC & Marvel, Dark Horse has also achieved a number of positions in American comic world because of its appreciated works. Hellboy is one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Hellboy Canon to DC?

No, Hellboy is not canon to DC comics. This fabulous creation of Mike Mignola was canon to American comic publisher Dark Horse Comics. He is one of the signature creations of Dark Horse Comic like The Mask, The American, Boris the Bear etc.

2. Who owns Hellboy rights?

The famous American comic publisher Dark Horse Comics owns all the rights of famous fictional superhero character Hellboy. It was created by Mike Mignola and was first published in the year 1993.

And since then Dark Horse Comics has published several canonical issues for the huge fan-base of astonishing Hellboy.

3. Is Hellboy Dc Or Dark Horse?

Hellboy is from Dark Horse Comics and not a property of DC Comics. Mike Mignola wrote the character of Hellboy and the character is owned by Dark Horse.

Hellboy was first published in 1993 and till now Hellboy is featured by Dark Horse for the comic lovers all over the world.

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