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Is Gi Joe Marvel Or Dc?


by Joan Romero


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A lot of comic book fans have the same question is gi joe marvel? The answer to that is GI Joe is no longer owned by Marvel, but rather by Hasbro (Disney).

Originally Marvel Comics created GI Joe in addition to many of their original ongoing Avengers stories GI Joe was also a Marvel creation.

However, Marvel Cinematic Universe covers many events that Marvel comics have published over the years and at the same time left behind many stories too. 

Currently, GI Joe is no longer a part of the Marvel universe and neither are the characters associated with Joe. 

Does Joe Belong To Marvel?

The initial origination of GI Joe originally happened in the Marvel Comics by Larry Hama. So it is true that up to a point the owner of GI Joe was Marvel.

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But then Hasbro took over GI Joe and all the ownership rights belonged to them. Later even Hasbro got undertaken by Disney so all rights of GI Joe now belongs to Disney.

Is Gi Joe Marvel Or Dc?

Disney kept alive the immense toy popularity as well as the other associated developments of GI Joe. GI Joe is still now one of America’s favourite comic book characters inspired by the US troops. 

IDW currently owns the right to publish all the GI Joe comics and print materials.

Who owns GI Joe Rights?

GI Joe is technically owned by Hasbro which is further owned by Disney. GI Joe first was created by Marvel Comics by Larry Hama. 

Although, Marvel did not hold back GI Joe and Hasbro took it over later. Hasbro then further got acquired by Walt Disney. 

Are Joe Superheroes?

Surprisingly even the members of the G have serious disagreements. The Joe team is not made up of just comic book characters and they have extremely extensive experience in martial arts, weapons and bomb-making. 

GI Joe members are not really superheroes but rather US troop members having extreme power and strength. We have already told you the answer to is gi joe marvel?

It has always been part of US Armed troops and was even inspired by one of Hasbro’s troop action figures. GI Joe is also a huge sign of respect for the US troops and in fact, the comics and their stories are children’s favourites. 

Is Gi Joe Marvel Or Dc?

After Hasbro getting acquired by Disney, now it is time to see how Disney maintains the popularity of these famous comic and toy lines of GI Joe, Transformers, Barbie and Master of Universe.

Despite originating in the Marvel comics GI Joe is not a part of Marvel’s Superhero gangs. These are immensely popular not just among children but also among adults. 

How much Is GI Joe Comic Worth?

GI Joe comics are extremely valuable to possess at this point. Some of the rare comics are very pricey and values a lot. We have tried to show you some of the GI Joe Comic’s worth. 

G.I Joe #35 (Ziff Davis, 1954) CGC/FN- $1,080.00 G.I Joe A Real American Hero (1990) #106 Newsstand- $16.52
G.I Joe #18 (Ziff Davis, 1954) VG/FN- $1920.00 G.I Joe A Real American Hero (1990) #107 Newsstand- $7.24
G.I Joe #1 A Real American Hero (1982) – $30 G.I Joe A Real American Hero (1991) #108- $6.65
G.I Joe, A Real American Hero (1983) #1 Newsstand- $114 G.I Joe A Real American Hero (1991) #108 Newsstand- $20.37
G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero (1983) #10 Newsstand-  $15.22 G.I Joe A Real American Hero (1991) #109- $7.89
G.I Joe, A Real American Hero (1990) #100- $10.94 G.I Joe A Real American Hero #11 (1983)- $8.98
G.I Joe, A Real American Hero (1990) #102- $9.95 G.I Joe A Real American Hero  #11 Newsstand (1983)- $14.53

GI Joe Comic Worth…

These are just a few very popular comic sets of GI Joe and their worth is pretty high as the prices put by the owners suggest.

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However, fans who are arduous collectors don’t really worry about how costly the comics are. Over the years vintage comics get more worthy than what they were initially.  

In case you own a copy of GI Joe comics and want to sell it, you must be careful to measure its actual worth and then put it on sale. Similarly while buying one you must be careful that it is not overpriced and you’re not being scammed. 

Who Created Gi Joe Comics?

GI Joe was originally created by Larry Hama in 1964. Larry Hama was born in 1949. He has contributed in the entertainment and publishing industries since 1960s as a writer, performer, actor and even a musician. 

Is Gi Joe Marvel Or Dc?

He has won several respectable and prestigious awards for his roles as a writer and editor at Marvel Comics. And his best work is the creation of GI Joe, which was a licensed comic book series at that time.

He based the character on Hasbro action figures and within a few years, it became a sensation in the Comic book industry. 

Later on, the Walt Disney Company took over Mattel and Hasbro for $4 billion. And now GI Joe is under Disney’s ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who owns the rights to G.I. Joe?

Currently, all the rights of GI Joe are owned by none other than Hasbro, which further got acquired by Disney. Even though GI Joe was created as a part of Marvel Comics, Marvel Comics didn’t hold it back and sold GI Joe to Hasbro. 

However, the popularity of GI Joe never budged an inch even after the transfer and it remained comic fan’s favourite even today without any hesitation. Even the title track of GI Joe animated series became a pop culture phenomenon. 

2. Who does G.I. Joe belong to?

The owner of GI Joe is Hasbro, which got acquired by Disney much later. We already know that GI Joe was largely based on the action figurines of Hasbro.

The creator of GI Joe Larry Hama based the character on US troops and gave it an extraordinary storyline. 

Although. It was the Marvel comics where GI Joe originally got created and published, Marvel no longer holds any rights of GI Joe. Just like the Transformers all of GI Joe’s rights now belongs to Hasbro i.e. Disney. 

3. Is Transformers part of Marvel?

Transformers first originated in Marvel Comics, however after printing about 80 issues of Transformers their rights were bought by Hasbro, the makers of Transformers and one of the biggest toy makers in the world. 

Marvel initially created the major Transformers characters including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Rachet, Jazz and a few more along with the Avengers and X-Men. These characters were further extended and elaborated by Hasbro and Disney now. 

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