Is Batman Marvel Or DC Comic?


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Batman, the eminent superhero comic character is from DC comic not from Marvel. This worldwide popular character was first published by famous American comic books Detective Comics (DC) in the year 1939. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.

Who Is The Dc Version Of Batman?

The superhero Batman was first appeared in American comic books published by DC Comics. Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, philanthropist and a rich play boy was there behind the disguise of Batman created by Bill Finger from DC version.

Is The Punisher Marvel’s Batman?

While Batman is from DC’s comic character, the Punisher belongs to Marvel’s Universe. Though there are lots of similar characteristics between the Punisher & Batman which creates misperception among the fans, but the two characters are quite away from each other because of their different nature. The Punisher is one of the best & controversial antiheroes of Marvel’s comic.

Is Batman Marvel Or DC Comic?

Is There A Batman In DC Comics?

Batman is the most famous and widespread name in the sphere of DC’s fictional comic world. The character was first introduced in American Detective comic books published by DC comics. By embracing the disguise of a bat, Batman becomes the superhero of DC Comic world who is always active to fight against the criminals.

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Is Batman The Marvel Equivalent Of Daredevil?

Batman and Daredevil utterly poles apart from each other. The two fictional characters have come from two different worlds. Batman is from DC Comics & Daredevil is from Marvel Comic.

At the very beginning, Daredevil was formed in a bright coloured character & it is quite different from Batman at all. Though they have gone through the same tragic past of parent’s murder, but their upbringing & the root of superpower are not equivalent to each other.

Who Is Batman? 

Batman is the most iconic fictional superhero from DC’s comic who has ruined the hearts of his fans with his magnetic personality & bold nature. But the question is who is Batman? Bruce Wayne is the real & secret identity of Batman. He was a rich playboy, philanthropist & industrialist in Gotham City.

Is Batman Marvel Or DC Comic?

Bruce was just a child when his parents were getting murdered before his eyes. Since that tragic night, to take revenge from the criminals, Bruce trained himself both physically & intellectually by adopting the uses of high tech gadgets, science, knowledge, well-honed martial art & infinite physical strength to defeat the convicts.

Is Batman Copied From Daredevil?

Though it is a very controversial matter among the fans but, Batman is not the copycat of Daredevil as the two characters have different kind of superpower in the fiction.

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There are numerous differences between the two characters. Batman has adopted the superpower from high technical gears, skill & knowledge, on the other side, Daredevil has acquired the power through an accident involving radiation.

It is notified that, Daredevil’s background is quite similar to Spiderman. Therefore, Batman is not an inspired figure of Daredevil at all.

Is The Batman A Dc Movie?

Yes, The Batman is a DC movie that based on the characters of DC comic. It is a superhero movie which is based on the DC comic character Batman. The film is produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Films, 6th & Idaho, and Dylan Clark Productions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Batman and Robin DC or Marvel?

Batman & Robin, both the superheroes have come from DC Comics created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane.

2. Is Batman a Marvel or Avengers?

Batman is neither a Marvel nor an avenger. He was introduced in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in 2013 from comic character to silver screen. As avengers are from the characters of Marvel comics and belongs to MCU, hence, Batman is not a Marvel or Avenger.

3. Is there Batman in Marvel?

No, Batman is not in Marvel, he is a DC character. Marvel has its own character who resembles to Batman, and the character is Knighthawk.

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