Last night( Beijing Time) news broke that Miyan, a regular Twitter stoner grounded in Beijing,@Stariver, was detained on November 7, conceivably for twittering this at night on November 5.

Enter- at- your- own- threat” Final Destination 6″ has arrived. In which the Great Hall of the people suddenly collapses. All the people I met there failed, except 7 of them.

But latterly the seven die one after the other in a strange way. Is this the game of God or the wrath of death? How will the mysterious number 18 open the gates of hell? The global premiere on November 8th will bring you an amazing experience!

Two Beijing women who visited their home in Miyan reported last night that@Stariver was picked up by police on the morning of the 7th, citing the reason why one of her tweets was” involved in spreading false and minatory information”., and he’s presently in the Munn County Detention Center. His family has not been suitable to see him since the 7th.

For the once many days, close to@Stariver( who may not know him tête-à-tête) have been asking about his whereabouts and demanding his return. He suspected that commodity had happed, but also someone said that he was going to the country to visit his ailing forefather.

I indeed twittered about him myself formerly” What is over? Is there a rift between wizards and demons?”( Some people on Twitter relate to him as the” old wizard.”)

In Twitter’s Chinese community,@Stariver is known for its cool and cocky commentary about current events in China, which cut the froth and shattered the false” stopgap”. He’s also known for his depth of knowledge in the classics.

First Human Rights Test Comes in Form of Dark Drama

Being detained, doomed tore-education through labor, or indeed a captivity judgment for a tweet is nothing new. In 2010, activist Wang Yi was given a timeline-education-to-labor for a 5- character tweet that said” Go on, angry youth!” To mock the nationalist youth.

Lately, a youthful man named Ren Jianyu challenged the Chongqing government to discipline him for labor through education grounded on his Weibo post and repost, which was supposed” negative”.,

An online solicitation to call for the release of@Stariver is incontinently set up, and as you can imagine, Twitter’s Chinese community is again upset by this ironic, dark occasion.

It’ll be the first time a Chinese citizen is being penalized for making a joke about the party’s stingy Congress, a strange test of China’s new leaders who smile well to the world and slightly walk off the stage..,,

PS I’ve come to know about the identity of@Stariver since last night. His real name is Zhai Xiaobin, born in 1976, studied ancient Chinese literature at the Chinese Department of Peking University, and was formerly an intelligence, but now works in the financial sector.

And he’s also an amateur martial trades trainer. One of the two women who went to find Miyan twittered,” I’ve only met Star River formerly. She’s altitudinous, humble with a smile on her face.

She has a happy family. A minding father, He does the housework for his son every day.” Another Twitter stoner described him as a” gentleman” who offered food to women at a regale party and poured tea for them.

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