On Tuesday I epitomized Shaanxi’s plan to dislocate2.7 million residers from the northern and southern corridors of the fiefdom. The original government didn’t state that it was a major drive to help break the cycle of poverty that has agonized those areas for generations.

He also cited the fact that both the regions are prone to disasters, so the design will help in saving lives.

I wasn’t so auspicious about this design and wondered when we’d actually get the real alleviation behind it.

The moment when I looked at the People’s Daily section, I realized they had taken the lead again.

The caption is” Shaanxi Plans to Move2.7 Million to safe-deposit box Zones,” and the frontal runner of the composition is the same auspicious fluff I reported on Tuesday.

The alternate runner broke down the real story though- mining companies are funding the design. Why would they spend nearly 2 billion RMB to help” deliverance” people from poverty-stricken areas?

China’s Largest Land Grab

According to the parochial government’s website,” the total coffers of both regions are further than 42 trillion yuan- a third of the public aggregate.”- Quoted from People’s Daily Indeed within the story, locals say they misdoubt the plan,

Dong Miao, an occupant of Yulin megacity in the north of the fiefdom, told the Global Times,” It isn’t hard to imagine that these companies have made some secret deal with the parochial government for their interests in the region.”

So now you can see why I occasionally get a little pessimistic when I read Chinese journals. Now that we know that the design involved billions of RMB, we can also assume that latterly there will be stories of forced obliteration, corruption, mine collapses, and protests from growers that they’ve not entered acceptable compensation.

Hopefully, this story will gain traction with Chinese netizens, who are the only bones who’ll be suitable to stop the design?

Typically when enough people complain about this kind of problem the public government won’t take action. While it generally happens that the censors block the story before it’s extensively known, in which case it becomes a sensitive content, officially out of bounds for discussion.

I will continue to follow this story over the coming many months and we’ll see what happens.

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