You would suppose that life has moved on, and the Chinese government has captured Chen Guangcheng, the eyeless barefoot counsel they locked and also put under house arrest. But no, they didn’t.

On April 20, 2012, exactly a time after Chen fled his luxurious home in Dongshigu vill of Guangcheng, they were again draining and assaulting his family members in the vill. During the once time, the family and the rest of the vill have also been precisely covered, with outside callers sometimes wearied, but this sounded nothing further than petty on the part of the original authorities.

Some filmland of the vill that has been taken on social media include the sun, trees, straight-looking ranch houses, gravestone walls, and a general …. still, feel enigmatic, If you can forget for a moment the brutalities that happen there.

For the once several weeks, Chen Guangfu, GCC’s eldest family and Chen Kegui’s father) and one of the Chen sisters has faced violent importunity.

According to Chen Guangcheng’s own tweets and reports by Hu Jia, a prominent heretic in Beijing who maintains close contact with the Chen family, jewels, dead cravens, and ducks were ditched in Chen Guangfu’s yard in the middle of the night was Is., and the rearmost” gravestone rain” passed Tuesday night Beijing time.

Passengers are posted around the vill condemning the Chen sisters for being” Han Jian”, serpents to the Chinese people). Dozens of youthful altitudinous trees were removed on Guangfu’s own land, and no one answered his calls to the police. Miles down in another megacity, another Chain Brother’s auto was ransacked and all four tires were punctured. Joss’s papers were scattered throughout the sisters’ homes to” curse”.

Last week, on April 18, two Beijing actors who had gone to the vill to retake Chen Guangcheng’s home and their escape route were beaten up by the vill’s Communist Party chief Chen Guangshan and security officer Liu Changsheng.

According to Hu Jia, they cried,” Kill them! Break their auto! The state will pay for it anyway!” The two actors were ultimately suitable to leave, but without being questioned by the township’s police, one night without one of them. Not without hiding in the cemetery.

Chen Guangcheng’s Family under Intense Harassment Lately

I Notice of process for Ren Jongju, mama of Chen Kegui.

On Wednesday autumn, Beijing time, Yinan County Public Prosecutor and Shuangzhou Township Public Security Station bobbies came to Chen Guangfu’s home and took his woman According to a notice of notice posted on Twitter by Hu Jia, Kegui’s mama was reportedly called upon to” hide and shelter the perpetrator”. Chen Guangcheng’s other family, Chen Guangjun, entered an analogous notice around the same time.

The” malefactor” then refers to Chen Kegui. In an act of tone-defense, Chen Kegui ran for his life after encountering goons on April 26, 2012.

The ultimate was too hysterical to keep her; rather, he gave her some plutocrat and asked her to leave as soon as possible. Following Kegui’s arrest, Kegui’s mama and uncle were criminally detained on the same charge of” concealment and sanctum”, but were latterly released” on bail awaiting farther disquisition”..,,

We believe that this surge of violent importunity and assault on Chen Guangcheng’s family is in light of Chen Guangcheng’s foreign conditioning of retribution against him. He’s presently on a stint in Germany. He’s preparing for a trip to Taiwan latterly this time.

Chen Guangcheng witnessed before this month during a hail of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on” Human Rights in China”, in which he called on Western countries to uphold their ideals and take a tough stage against China’s mortal rights violations. repeated.

He also submitted to the commission a list of 44 Chinese officers who should be barred from entering the United States, including Zhou Yongkang, the former head of the Committee on Politics and Law, and Zhang Gaoli, who’s presently are members. Former party clerk of the Politburo Standing Committee and Shandong Province, and other high-ranking officers and original government officers of Shandong Province.

Well-known Chinese activist Wen Yunchao(@wenyunchao) reflected that” all the importunity is surely to pressure and silence Chen Guangcheng. You can guess where the instructions came from. They’re the Shuangzhou Township Government.”””” Can not be from Shandong, can not be from Lini. They can only come from the central government in Beijing.”


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