Update 1 Cheng Wanyun’s legal name (name on ID) is Cheng Aihua.

Update 2 Nanchong Public Security Bureau National Security Office Tel) 0817-2803084. Xichong County Public Security Bureau Duty Phone0817-4200085. Head of the Home Security Brigade of Xichong County Public Security Bureau director Zhao Yanlin 0817-4202969.

Update 3 Cheng Aihua’s father is ready to speak to the media and the public about his son’s case. His house number is 0817-4224168.

Update 4 supposedly this is the post that landed him in prison “It’s good to see. All kinds of unattractive loot to please the emperor. On the other hand, we fail in earthquakes, academy-machine accidents to find justice for all Going, Cataract, and Brutal Repeal.

Update 5 On Chinese New Year’s Eve, AP managed to write a story that everyone is talking about but there are no bones The mysterious “Study She Fan Group” affair appears to have attracted nearly as many people in less than three months, and in real-time, XJP’s close-up film of a migrant worker living in Wuxi The land resides. Decorate the walls in megacities.

Update 6 Cheng Aihua has been released around noon on Monday, Beijing time, after the sabotage charge against him was revised to “executive custody”.

UPDATE 7 The exact words that landed her in jail “Where’s the gun? Bring it to me! Imitating what XJP might say about her security detail, she was mocking the mysterious addict who goes wherever Xi goes.” Is.” XJP This case shows how widespread and effective internet surveillance is in China.

On February 6, activist Cheng Wanyun in Nanchong, Sichuan, was detained shortly after commenting on a post by the Xi Jinping Addicts Club, following news that Tencent had set up on Weibo and brought to Twitter.

Well-known activist Liu Shasha, who spoke to Cheng soon after the finalists arrived at the police station that evening, confirmed the reasons for Cheng’s detention. It is unclear what his remarks actually meant, but he is believed to have not believed it was a big deal in each at the time.

Cheng Wanyun posted the following communication on his Tencent account before going to the police station “My family’s father-in-law just called, saying that the police suddenly brought my young family and computer to the store.

Because this is the same computer we use both in the store and at home, I don’t know if it was because of the item I said online. My family didn’t have his cellphone, so I’m going to the police station to find out now. My cellphone number is 13488860702.

Since then that number has not been traced.

Cheng’s father told an “information collector” working for Weiquanwang that the family had filed a notice for criminal custody on the 7th, and the alleged allegation was “provocative to undermine state power”. Currently in custody at the Xichang Detention Center in Nanchong, Sichuan.

The family visited the Cheng Chronicles, and Cheng simply asked his parents to shoot him several books. Cheng Wanyun’s mother, a Christian, said she did not want to disturb her son’s gunmen; Instead, she will wait for God to save her.

Stagger activist Hu Jia noted again on Twitter that, in China, the quarter/megacity situation is not authorized to initiate allegations of public security sabotage, so the Sichuan Parochial Commission recommended charging Cheng Wanyun.

Approved by the State Security Bureau of Politics and Law and the Department of Public Security and the Party Clerk of Sichuan Manor and the Ministry of Public Security. No word yet on legal representation.

But it is expected to be arranged soon. Meanwhile, the phone number of Xichong Detention Center is 08174229837. Is

Cheng Wanyun is a Christian, an accountant as well as the son of a council. In 2011, he, along with hundreds of others across China, was detained for months during a brutal, widespread crackdown on activists whom the government suspected of organizing Jasmine gatherings.

She has been actively active online, and for a period was a levy with the Equal Education Rights Crusade in Beijing. His search was withdrawn several months ago Fellow heresy and activist Hua Zhe tweeted that “On August 17th and 23rd, 2012, I preached Wanyun for a total of 4 hours.

She explained what happened to Jasmine during her actions and her involvement in defending her rights. She has been to jail in less time than this. Twice. More than twice. I am a burden.”

For the past several days, Xi Jinping has been calling for a “rapid review” of the party and for the party to be tolerant. He shouldn’t be surprised that his calls come from sports.

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