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A-Force is a part of Marvel’s “Secret Wars, ” a crossover storyline announced in 2015. G. Roberto and Gabriel Cota had created an ongoing comic series by this name.

The story features in an alternative universe during the “Secret War”. However, this comic is separate from Marvel’s primary universe. 

Who Is Canon In Marvel?

A – Force marvel is often associated with the word Canon, but before we discuss more about A- Force, let’s understand what Canon mean.

A canon comic is one that features in the main title or Marvel or has happened in the past. It’s basically the material in a fictional story that’s often taken as part of the story. Fan fiction work draws inspiration from Canon. 

Why Is It Called A-Force Marvel?

After reality was restored and the multiverse came into order, Singularity appeared in the mainline of the Marvel Universe. Singularity then approached Captain Marvel, who did not recognise her.

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A-Force Marvel Canon

This is because the versions of the heroes Singularity had known do not exist anymore. She then recruited Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Medusa, Dazzler.

And Nico to get help in fighting a teleporter named Anti-matter. The heroes destroy the villain with a specially designed explosive and call themselves the A-Force. 

Most Marvel comics take place in the primary continuity, also known as Earth-616, in the fictional universe. 

Who Is The Leader Of The A-Force?

The leader of A – Force marvel is She-Hulk. Singularity summoned her along with others to join her in fighting evil. In the comics.

SheHulk gets a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, allowing her to Hulk-Out. She is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. 

Which Marvel Universe Is Canon?

It’s considered illegal to belong to a comic book canon. It’s set in Universe 1999,99 and gets its power from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The Universe 19999 cannot only have the MCU. So a chance of a crossover event is highly possible between the years.

Other universes exist within Marvel as well, such as Earth 1229 (Other universe), Earth 1602 (Other universe) and Earth 1653 (Unrelated universe).

Does Marvel Have A Canon? 

A few books in the Marvel Comic Universe feature in a single world. These comics from the current world challenge the initial claims that an alternate reality exists. 

A-Force Marvel Canon

Are There Any Canon Marvels?

Yes, there are. 

  • “Iron Man” is not considered Iron Man as per many books
  • Man 2
  • The Agents of SHIELD
  • Captain America comes to know that the world is coming to an end towards the finale of the first series
  • Balck Widow strikes 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is in the A-Force Marvel?

A – Force marvel is basically a team of Avengers comprising of the strongest become heroes who protect people from formidable dangers.

The team comprises She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Dazzler, the mutant queen, blood magic Nico Minoru, the inhuman goddess Medusa, Loki and of course, the Singularity. 

2. Who leads the A-Force?

She-Hulk leads the A-Force. She is considered one of the most powerful heroes of the Marvel Universe, and her ability to Hulk-Out is unparallel. 

3. Will there be an A-Force movie?

Marvel has been teasing about doing an A-Force movie for a long time, with all the mightiest female superheroes from all the comics.

Marvel has been talking about making the comic and cinematic universe quite diverse and inclusive; thus, a spotlight on the ladies is highly likely. 

To all Marvel fans, something big is coming if the A-Force series hits the theatres. The Marvel universe is already quite big, but with the inclusion of A-Force in the cinematic universe, the universe might extend further.

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