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Hu Ping: Does Wen Jiabao Really Wish to Redress June 4th?

About the author: Mr. Hu Ping (胡平) was a graduate student of philosophy at Peking University in 1980. On campus that fall there was a lively student campaign, and then election, for People’s Representatives of Haidian District in Beijing, an … Continue reading

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China should be aiming lower, not higher

Recently I had the chance to discuss the fascinating article, “The Sick Man of Asia” with the doctors at my hospital. The author, Huang Yanzhong, argues that despite China’s seemingly impressive gains in health over the past 60 years, they … Continue reading

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Three messages the Party hope you heard at the Two Meetings and the surprise they hope you’ll forget

Last week we looked at why the Two Meetings matter, today we’re looking at what this year’s recurring themes were. Equality Since opening up in the 80′s, gov’t resources have been increasingly targeted at creating advanced cities, abandoning the more … Continue reading

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