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I grew up in Northern China during the Cultural Revolution, came to the United States in the early 1990s to study literature and stayed. I have been writing stories about China, exploring both my own experiences and those of others against the larger picture of Communist China. You can find my work on, and new works are being added periodically.

Dear Subscribers

Dear SRIC subscribers, Some of you might have been wondering about the two-month lapse at SRIC since June. Tom and I apologize for the “disappearance.” We are NOT one of the many China-related blogs that seem to have discontinued. Since … Continue reading

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Citizen Power for China: Statement on China’s Further Persecution of Liu Xiaobo’s Extended Family

Citizen Power for China (also known as Initiatives for China) is shocked to learn that the Chinese regime has handed down a severe sentence of 11 years to Mr. Liu Hui, a brother-in-law of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, … Continue reading

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Citizen’s Statement Regarding the Arrest of Ten Advocates for Demanding Disclosure of Officials’ Assets

Citizen (公民), formerly known as Gong Meng or Open Constitution Initiative, and founded by some of China’s preeminent rights lawyers, is a NGO based in Beijing that provides legal assistance to the disempowered and promotes the New Cititzens’ Movement. Read … Continue reading

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